If you could....

If you could write an anime/manga what would you write it about?

I would write a story abut… um…er… I have no clue…
but I’m sure some of you do!

I would probably attempt to convert the story I’ve written so far in the media forum/fan fic section into a comic format, since I originally was trying to draw the whole thing - And that would have been disastrous at the very least!

Of course, cartoon format is waaaaay outta my league…

If I could draw, I would make one about a very tomboyish princess who want’s to run away, and in order to do so, she pays someone to kidnap her. Other than that, I don’t know.

A prequel to Cowboy Bebop.

Possible choices:

  1. A manga/anime version of my four sagas (Mox, Daemon, Naar, and the under-construction Origins).
  2. One about a drunk guy that walks around, doing nothing but spouting random lines at people while having tons of sex. Amazingly, this will sell out in Japan in the first week.

it will sell out everywhere in the first week

League of Nations: the Anime. Then there’d be League of Nations Unlimited covering the first interplanetary wars and then League of Nations Infinity covering the final wars.

And only I know WTF I’m talking about because I have an overactive imagination.

I would SO make an anime about UT.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea…

I’d probably make an anime version of the huge fic sagas I’m developing.

I still haven’t thought of anything…

a Silent Hill anime.

I’d make an anime about piracy, probably based on The Treasure Island book.

Originally posted by Ren
I’d make an anime about piracy, probably based on The Treasure Island book.

I’d read that

I’d write it about smurfing Ayumi Hamasaki.

have you heard of one piece?

anyways mine would either

  1. be about drows


  1. be a sequil to flcl

I actually had to do a manga as part of my Japanese class. It was about a chibi spellcaster who defeated an evil bishounen by glomping him. Pretty sad, but at least it was in Japanese.

I’d draw an original manga. I’ve got tons of original storylines and worlds and all that stuff. I think I could do it, but even though I can draw I don’t have the patience to draw a good, detailed comic. I can finish quickies and stuff that doesn’t require that much time, but an actual comic would take god-knows-how-long to do and do it right.

unfortuneitly I can not draw. so I decided to become a voice actor in japan.

So you have told me numerous times J-chan.