If you could say anything to god what would it be?

I mean, if there was one.

I would say… “what is your purpose?”

Stick it up your ass bro


Carl Sagan is God, and I would ask Him if He would make whale noises for me.

Sod off, I was here first.

Please kick some sense into the current Pope.

What is the purpose of everything?

Oh really?

You seem to be implying a direct response. Billions of people say things to God everyday through prayer, often without one.

With a direct response? I might ask, “What would you like me to do?”

Of course it’s with a direct response.

Well DUH

and by often he obviously meant 100% completely never

I would say “Thanks, I’ve had a pretty good time.”

how is babby formed

What the fuck?


Why is there bacon in the soap?

Are you there god? It’s me, Killmore.


What do you need with a starship?

I’d ask him for a $20.

About 42.