If you could live in any ff which would it be?

Mine would be 9 because the world is the best and there’s not as much destruction

sigh This is like almost as cliched as “What’s your favorite FF?”, personally. Ah, well.

Now, when you say live in that world, you mean during or after the events in that game? Answer carefully, because the answer matters.

Furthermore, are you asking whether or not we would like to live during the conflicts which occur during those games. I, for one, would much rather live after conflicts had passed rather than whilst they were still present, especially in the worlds of Final Fantasy VI and VII.

I would like to live in many of them, but most of all I think I would go for FF8, then again I might possibly go for FFX.
That is only if I coul actually either know the characters (as in be friends with them), or help them in some way (sell them something, pilot of their airship, even fight along side them) Not that would mke it really cool!!

Either 7 or 10.

Reason for 7:
-Umm…Vincent. Eheheheheheh…blushes

Reason for 10:
-Spira is just a cool place! :smiley: I’d love to become a summoner! Uhh…apart from the whole thing where it’d mean I died in the Final Summoning .
-Auron. So cool. grins I want his coat!

Basically, fighting alongside characters from 7 or 10 would make me happy! :slight_smile:

I’d love to live in one of the FF worlds when the battle is still commencing.FF6 world seems too dark for me…and too silent.I cant explain it.The world in that game just really gave off the impression that there was like, 5 people living on the whole earth and well…yeah.I get too deep into my games.
I’d probably live in the FF7 world, but my favorite would be the FF9 world.It was just cool, and more detailed, and it had cute moogles:moogle:

Possibly 9, most of the early ones had towns with about 3 houses and 9 shops. I’d like to live in a house!

I’d like to live in one of the barely visited areas that have nothing to do with the plot. As to keep myself safe. Actually I don’t know for sure.


Well, if i were to live either during or after the conflict in a FF game, it would probably be FFIV. The world wasn’t TOO horribly changed forever, just lost a couple hundred people in a pointless war. So, I think that it would be the best to live in.

Well, I would definitely like to be in FF V. That would be the opportunity to use Jobs or Classes, the best FF idea ever. However, all of them have a good reason to live in them. Think about it.

During conflict: FFVI

After conflict: FFVI, possibly FFIX

Yeah, even though I don’t like the game much, I’d like to live in FF8s world. Either in one of the small towns, like the one Laguna protected, or in that futuristic city near the end of the game (Forgotten the damn name).

FFIV or VI. I’d plant myself next to Edge in IV, and next to Edgar in VI.

FF8. The game was kinda boring, but living there wouldn’t. I’d become a SeeD, fight sorceresses… and get paid for it! Yahoo!

lets just say



during conflict I don’t know which world i would live in but after the events of the game i would rather live in ff7 or ff8

FFIV, FFV, or FFVI (only before the…well…you know…for the latter).

The 16-bit worlds are amazingly well-forested.

No matter where I go, I’ll need one og those peaceful armors… I hate random encounters! :thud:

I’d probably have to say FF9. It’s more peaceful than the other worlds. No major destruction. I wouldn’t live anywhere there was mist, that stuff it bad for ya, probably causes cancer :D. I’d probably live in the Black Mage Village, and take of advantage of the power of those naive little bastards :o