If you could have any 4 FF characters in a party for FFX's storyline?

Hopefully all of you are familiar with FFX… Of the choices, which four would make the best party?

I picked:

Cecil the Paladin - high HP
Auron - My favorite character
FuSoYa - Can use Meteo
Gogo - You can customize his commands

I would have to go with:


They were all really cool, very mysterious (except for Cecil, he would spice things up). I really like the whole strong and silent type, of warriors!!:fungah:

I haven’t played FFX yet.

Vincent [because he rocks <3]
Auron [great fighter]
Freya [lancers are awesome]
Yuna [obsession with summoning big explosion causing things]

Cecil, Cloud, Squall and Auron.

Cecil, Cloud, Gogo, Fusoya.

hm… I guess I was right in putting Auron instead of Tidus on the poll. (No, seriously, I was considering putting Tidus on the poll, but I didn’t :))

Gee, we really have a lot of a choice.

Freya. Just because she’s cool and strong.
Cloud. Same reason.
Squall. Ditto.
Cecil. You guess.

cloud (good fighter)
yuna (summoner)
vincent (i’m just biased :slight_smile: )
fusoya (magic-user)

We should have more choices :stuck_out_tongue:

Yuna (just for kicks, I haven’t played FF X, so I’m trying not to be baised)


Cecil (Randomly selected due to being indecisive)


Originally posted by Xelopheris
Gee, we really have a lot of a choice.

I know, right. Besides, you can’t use anyone but the real characters for the storyline. None of it would fit. I mean, without Yuna, FFX wouldn’t make any sense. I just think that you can’t switch characters around at will and have the same story. Now if you had said something like, “Pick 4 characters from different FF games to make a party”, it would make more sense. But if you had done that you would’ve needed MANY more options.

true… FFX wouldn’t really make any sense without the characters…

Unless you substituted their role in the game (i.e.

Tidus = Cecil
Auron = Squall


Then, you’d just play as Cecil instead of Tidus and the storyline would be the same.

Do you mean just change their names? 'Cuz then it would make sense (even though it would still be Tidus with a different name), but I don’t see any place for a paladin in FFX.

if you had more, i have…


those that are there


no… what I mean is like playing as Cecil in battle but have him act as Tidus on the map (say all his lines, etc.)

You’d also have to eliminate the sphere-grid and overdrives and all kinds of things, but that’s not the point. This poll was basically for fun, to see who you think we be the best 4 FF characters to fight FFX’s battles.

Umaro: He wasn’t getting picked so I felt sorry for him.
Vincent: Well, who doesn’t like Vincent?
Gogo: I like his cloak.
Cloud: I dunno, does there have to be a reason for everything?

I know it’s SLIGHTLY off topic, but I would love to see a prequel to Final Fantasy X in which you play as my all-time favourite team; Jecht, Auron and Braska. You know; the pilgrimage from before?

When I played through Final Fantasy X, I always thought that team worked out better than the one you controlled. I really liked those three and the situations they got themselves into.