if you could be any ff character wut ff game would u want to be in?

example: squall in ff 10 or vivi in ff 7 (u get the picture, i hope lol) and also give a reason

i would be vivi and be his character in ffVIII because the junction system was good, but the magic did minimum damage.

I would be Tifa in FFX so I could do 99999 damage with every Hit on my limit break. And cause she has huge… eyes.

(Also, FFXIII would be FF13. I think you mean FFVIII.)

You frequent this forum just to fuck with those who have poor gramatical skills, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… I also like to… yeah you’re right.

Edge in FFVIII, I like the juntion system and the world itself is very nice… and ninjas are cool

Cid since he had an airplane.

The List is too long. When I was trying to pick, at first I chose one of the characters from ff4, FuSoYa, he had some kick ass magic, and then I thought, no, I would rather be Sabin from ff6, as he had good kick ass magic and great physical attacks, but to be honest, I think it would be best to be Ramza from ff tactics, as I could still change jobs and be just about anything I wanted to be, and still have the “Guts” skill set, is that cheating? If not, I pick him. If that is cheating, then I pick ramza in the monk job with the guts secondary skill set.

Any main character-duh! They alll kick ass. I would not want to be a girl though, the changes would be too dramatic.

Now considering secondary characters, it get more interesting…

Don Corneo

He gets laid every day until he dies.

I’d be the FF7 Cid in the FF9 game, squash King Cid while he’s still a bug, shag the princess, change the rule of the kingdom of Alexandria (was it that?) from democratic to Awesome, and go on a global rampage. Then I’d sit on the throne, smoking one up, and say “%&@#, this is great!”

i would be vinent valentine in ffIX.
nobody has guns in ffIX.

None of them, since I theorize that most of those characters would go crazy after the world-saving event. You know, like how soliders coming back from war have a hard time adjusting after all the horrors they saw on there? Well, make that at least several months worth of constant killing of beasts and humanoids as well, a constant state of almost-certain vigilanteism. and the realization you’rew stronger than God, And you have someone who is nucking futs.

FF7 Cid in FF1, because 1 needs a Cid.

id be my avvie(already forgot the name)[u]cause he beats stuff up with punching

Thats Zell btw. From FF8

I alwats considered the doctor to be the cid of FF1. That said, Auron, in FFVII, cause I personally think he’d be awesome there. Mind, Auron in just any FF is pretty sweet.

I’d be Garnet in whatever so I could touch myself!

Aargh…Too many to choose from perhaps Cloud he’s well good and I love swords. Or maybe Squall as well. But my all time fav would have to be Terra from 6, I mean c’mon you get to transform into a summon beast. (Esper if you want to get techie…) But I sooo would not want to be pink. Hey if you could pick a summon which one would you be. Me I’ll be Bahamut no questions asked. Maybe you lot out there would want to be a Chocobo? (Laughs):noway:

CLoud is psychotic. You would not have fun as him.

Terra is more of a pastel color, I think, with a touch of purple in there.

I’d be Alexander. FFVI’s Alexander, no question. That guy RAWKS. He could totally kick Bahamut’s ass in any world save for FFIV.

Vincent in X. awesome guy. Has a gun and can go into a berserk rage and destroy stuff by turning into things. and Spira is just beautiful.
As for summons, im going with bahamut. Why? Bahamut looks like a dragon, dragons kick ass. i wanna fly through the air and blow the crap out of cities as i please!

[STRIKE]I’d be Gogo in any FF, since withoud Vladimir there to fuck with him, he’d be a happy guy.[/STRIKE]
Oops, I was thinking of Waiting for Godot, not final fantasy.

Seriously, though, I’d probably take Locke Cole in FFX-2. Because I like Locke Cole most as a character, definitely, and fucking NOTHING happens in FFX-2, so I could avoid the ‘being fucked up over monster killing’ thing Val mentioned by just being a thief. Also, since every FF after VI has just been a copy of VI, Locke’s girl would be in there somewhere, maybe not dead, either.