If you could add any...

If you could be any job from a REAL Final Fantasy GAME, what would that be?
I would be an Assassin!

Or maybe the “job” that Vanessa Z. Schneider is! That "dancing, fighting job!

I would want to be a dragoon, only so I can jump high, and get away from ugly girls and go chill with the hot ones.


Don’t double post, just edit your first one.

A combination of Geomancer/Gun Mage/Mediator.

Knight/Paladin/Dark Knight :enguard:

I’d be a Black mage so I could nuke stuff.


Samurai, or perhaps Holy Swordsman.

Red Mage. All flair, no substance.

But I’d look better than all of you.

Blue Mage; Not practicality, but life is more oriented to spontaneous decisions these days. Besides, THANKS TO FFTA, THEY JUST MIGHT ASWELL BE TERRORISTS >:(

I’d be a geomancer, because I find their elemental powers interesting.

(Besides, I would get to dress like a Store Elf in public!) :hahaha;

I would be either a samurai, or a dragoon, or a paladin. Yeah one of those three.

Or even better, a mixture of all three. That would be cool.

Make a Heavenly Swordsman with Astrologist skills and you got yourself the most insanely powerful and cheapest character of all time.

Geomancer cuz elements are cool

Generic pirate #6

That’s not a class.

I would be a Black Mage or a Sage.

'Cause both jobs have awesome spells you can use! :cool:

Summoner because it is cool or White Mage. Healing is fun.

Knight Blade, duh.

I’d be a Ninja. Because they can use two swords.