If this thread goes to hell, so will you ALL!!

This is the LAST thread I’m making about this. If it is tainted in any way other than by a mod or admin (which will be done in a polite way cough), then I WILL abandon the FF6 re-enactment project… which probably wouldn’t bother too many people anyway. -_-;

Also note: Anyone who posts requesting a character NOT listed in my posts will be ignored. I’d like to get this done as quickly as possible, and I don’t need my waiting lists getting longer.

Another note: Especially stop asking for Ultros. I have one, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. No, you can’t kill our Ultros, either. You’ll understand why.

Alright, down to business! Here’s who we’re casting for today:
-Elayne (Cyan’s Wife)
-Owain (Cyan’s Son)

Casting for these characters will end 4PM PST tomorrow (Wednesday).

Might I be able to do Vargas?!

just out of curiosity, have you decided on the other roles yet?

You make it sound like we hate you and enjoyed that little stunt…sheesh…

I would like to play the role of Seigfried. 8)

Ooooooooooo make me Rachel! I wanna be angsty, and I have a poor memory as it is! YAY!

I can play Owain if you need so. I know for sure he not going to quiet…normal. :smiley:

Siegfried/Ziegfried!!! Please?!?

Originally posted by Zero
You make it sound like we hate you and enjoyed that little stunt…sheesh…

No… I know that’s not it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve just had a miserable last week and a half, and this has been pretty much the only thing slightly cheering me up. It just really upset me when crap happened, and I wasn’t prepared to deal with it.

To answer your question Zhao Yu, I’ve decided some of the roles, but not all of them. I can post the current cast list after these roles are selected.

I think Fae should be Relm… >.>

The only charcter amongst those few that I would like to play as is Sigfried.

canI be Relm?

Charl REALLY can’t be Relm.

If Charle is Relm, this thread/idea/you have lost all creadability*

ok then, can I be Rachel?

Rachel sounds better, I mean at least she is a bit older than Relm

I don’t know, Charle would definitely make an interesting Relm… Or an interesting ANYone, for that matter.

It’s just the idea of Charl being a 7-10 year old girl just seem soooo…wrong, no offense to you

Originally posted by Sinistral
I think Fae should be Relm… >.>

But Terra uses fire.

No way, I want to be the freaky, half-esper witch! And an’t none of ya’s gonna take it from me!