If this surprises you, you need a reality check

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I’d put the hurt into that bitch, show’er who’s boss!

I had NO doubts that she wasn’t a virgin. When combined with what she was saying previously (that she didn’t want to have sex until after marriage), she turns out to be a hypocrite. Just another excuse for not listening to ANY of her albums (besides the fact that they suck).

as Gomer Pyle surprise surprise surprise

Haha I’ve known that since 1998. I think that a majority of us have, considering she was with Justin Timberlake of 'Nsync (or however they write it… I really don’t give a damn).

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!1111111111111111111 JUSTIN ISN’T A VIRGIN ;_;

Not a virgin!..


I like the way she said that she thought Justin was “the one.” I suppose that’s more convenient for her than “I lacked judgement, maturity and talent, and hopefully I’ve improved in two of those categories.”

Oops, they did it again,
they played with our minds,
To make money ag-ain!

(Or however that goes… I never really paid attention to the beat.))

Why is this news worthy?

Because entertainment gets the news companies more money than pressing issues like AIDs in Africa.

Nextweak, they’ll probobly be reporting on some other amazing revalations…like, for example, that water is wet and heat is hot. =P

And courderoy pants are out of style and uncomfortable!

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as Gomer Pyle surprise surprise surprise

Shes’ got a new album coming out soon, you know- isn’t it convenient how she chooses this time to announce it to the world… :hmm: :get it?:

I’m waiting for her to cover Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

Britney Spears isn’t virgin.
So what?
Who cares?
Carry on. Nothing to see. meh.


So what?

I try to ignore her.

And corduroy pants are comfortable in the winter!