If there was a great big thick wall...

If there was a great big thick wall, and you had to get through it, would you use your power without any doubt or hesitation?


Why yes, my good man.

“I’m the Juggernaught, BITCH!”

Of course, I’d do anything for a good concussion.

I would hit that wall like I would hit Jessica Alba, except with my fists rather than with my pelvis.

Not only would nothing stop me, anything that got in my way would be crushed like an insignificant bug! A BUG I TELL YOU!!!

If I needed to I would destroy the wall to get through it…or you know walk around it.

No. I would rather stand on top of it and play a 4 or 5 minute long guitar solo ala Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd.


Hah, all you fools hesitated.


Hell no. I’ve got the common sense to realize I’m a piddlin’ weak pissant. And I’m not all too fond of pain.

I see too much doubt and hesitation in this thread.

Two things:

  1. When I saw “ROLLING THUNDER MIRACLE ATTACK”, I immediately thought of 'ROLLLLLING STAAAART!!!" rofl!

  2. Can I just say how funny it is to read all your posts with your avatar? I just imagine this king reciting his decree in a deep, booming (and for some reason echoing sometimes) voice. The only thing you really need to do now is edit the guy’s hand has his middle, ring, and pinky finger curled in, so that it looks like he’s leaning back and pointing his finger as if he’s making a quip or a really good point.

Flava Flave does not have a deep, booming voice. That is, if his avatar is indeed flava flave.

It’s King Booker. He doesn’t have a deep booming voice either.

i’d be at it like a pair of rabbits

The key is: don’t hesitate

Edit: Took long enough for someone to make this thread. =/