If Square asked u 2 help them with the next FF storyline wut would u make it?

i would have vivi,cloud,vincent,paine,rikku BE IN THE GAME AND THEY WILL MEET TO NEW CHARACTERS CALLED ZERO and titania and they will save the world from ??? and fight a new boss called Apocalyptica! (i chose those ff characters because they all have good stories about them!):moogle: :enguard: :hyperven: :runaway: ::doh:: :cool:

I’d probably be like “duurrr I don’t know” and then goto Quina for help.

i would make a storyline about a bad speller’s quest for thread-content

I’d say "how bout an unlikely band of 8 young heros go up against an evil entity hell bent on destroying or taking over the world. But here’s the twist- The evil Entity has a mysterious connection to the main hero’s past!

That one works too…

i wud make it about sephroths past b4 he wuz in shinra he wud go around the world and b a hero and he is sooooo hot omg i want to do him


umm I would tell them that i wanted to put ff 7 , 8 ,9 together the make the best ff game ever, and i would make it long and good


The thread should have stopped here.

id tell them that cloud looked dumb in ff8, ff9, and ff10, and especially in ff10-2, and it was odd how he could look different in ff11. he looks gay in ff12 now. id tell them to make him look like he did in ff7 again.

I’d make it so Aeris could come back by talking to the man in the pipe 742 times, breeding a white chocobo, and defeating onyx weapon, then Aeris shows up in Wall Market in a bikini for the rest of the game.

It hurts and stings…


Someone should start a thread like this and play a drinking game.

-Take a shot every time someone says “Resurrect Aeris”
-Take two shots every time someone says “Bring back Sephiroth”
-Take three shots every time someone says “Put together FF7 FF8 and FF9”

Now if you’ll all just sign this form releasing me from any responsbility in the quite likely event of overdosing on alcohol…

You got that from Family Guy, didn’t you Quagmire?

It’s beyond me why you think I’m so obsessed with Family Guy because I had an avatar with Quagmire’s face on an online messageboard, but no, it is not from Family Guy. It is from my mind. Also take notice there’s little point of you actually calling me Quagmire since that isn’t my avatar now. >.>

I think I will anyway just because I really don’t like you.

I wouldn’t troll if I were you. That was somewhat - okay, totally - uncalled for. And take it to PMs if you don’t like me unless you feel like getting yet another warning.

Come now children, let’s play nice.

There would some sort of awesome opening FMV and then the main character in it would die almost instantly, just to be ironic. Then his enraged brother would go around and burn and pillege every town for revenge. You get to play the brother. It’ll be awesome.