If I suddently disseapear...

… thats because I failed to find a job in time AND my father would had put his recently declared ultimatium on play.
Wich means I’d get kicked out of the house. -_-
Worst case scenario, maybe, but damnit, I’m afraid for my future now.
Its cold outside. I have barely have enough money to buy food, don’t think I could rant an appart at normal price. Living in the street? Bleeh.
My chances of finding a job are slim. I left after High School and I got no working experience.
Even if I place all 23 copies of my Resumé today, might be a week until I get a reply.

Dude, that fucking sucks. Wish you luck with the job hunting. Don’t really know what else to say. :frowning:

Your dad doesn’t watch the news much, I guess. Otherwise, he’d know that the job market is rapidly shrinking, and the only way to get a job is to either have tons of experience and good resume, or have connections in high places.

If he does throw you out, just plot your revenge while trying to stay warm in a rain-covered alley.

Rain covered alley? That be way lucky


<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> As far as I can tell, you’ve been doing nothing but playing videogames from welfare money and occasionally sending out a resume for the past 3 or so years. It’s really your own fault for not doing anything, like getting a job (surely you could have somehow landed a shelf-stocking job in those 3 years) or furthering your education.

If I missed a few details, or I completely got it wrong about what you’ve been doing, well, I apologise. But as it stands, I think you’ve got noone to blame but yourself.

I’m not blaming anybody, I’m only presenting the facts at it is: I’m screwed

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> That you are.

Where did you leave after HS?

Go work in a grocery store, they always need people.

Good luck. I lost my job months ago and I know how hard it is to try to find one. I still haven’t found one, but I am busy as well.

I wish you luck finding something, Booken :confused: I’ll be rooting for you.

Yeah, I’d look around your neighborhood for “Help Wated” signs.

Whore yourself out. You might be able to make some money. You probably won’t, but you can always try.

Well, I’m not the most knowledgable on jobs, but I can wish you the best of luck on this matter.

Rather poor of your’ father to kick you out like that if you’ve already sent out the resume’s and such.

Sorry to hear that, Book. I hope you do find a job, and if you don’t, that your father doesn’t kick you out. I myself have had severe money problems all along my life, but somehow, I always survived; and, if I ever had found myself homeless, I would have had rather joined the Army than live in the streets. (Sometimes Life is about choosing between the lesser of two evils.) As long as there’s life, there’s hope. Never give up.

I know how it is. Mind you, while I have tried, I probaly havne’t been trying as much as I could.

One is because I don’t have many skills.
Two is because I hate imposing myself on others.

I wonder about going into community college, but I dunno how I could get that financed. Not to mention that I’m wondering about the prefered field, and if it would be a good field. Or how to go about it.

Fear tends to paralyze as with indecision. Blah. I should go out and keep trying. figure out how I’m going to get back into school, since as is, all i can really do is stock shelves. And while I hate that sort of job, well… not to mention that I never get any callbacks.

I’d like a job in the library system, but they only things that are available are more or less after-school jobs. No way in hell one could support oneself with it.

If you got no working experience, what is there for you to trite in your resumé?

Originally posted by StarStorm
I don’t have many skills.

That’s not true SS. You have great writing skills, not the mention your computer skills (HTML, etc.)

Booken, I suggest you get a newspaper and see what kind of jobs they have open. I’m not sure about where you live but often there’s ton of easy jobs in the paper.

You may be poor enough for free college.

Placed my resumé today in four place, in the local shopping center.
A pet shop, a library, Croissant Plus, and EBGames.
Might go to the other side of the city tommorow and resume my hunting. For now, I’m tired.