If consoles still had their own mascots....

Who would they be? Obviously Nintendo still has Mario as its crux. Playstation never did really have one, though for a while it seemed to be Lara Croft. I imagine Sack Boy would be the new mascot. Would Xbox’s be Master Chief? Would make sense to me.

I thought PSX’s mascot was Crash Bandicoot.

They did kinda try to push him as such with the PSX, until they realized nobody gave a rat’s ass about Crash after a few years.

It might be just me, but I always associated the playstation with Final Fantasy (wasn’t Square exclusive for the console for a while?) so when I think PS, I think a Moogle (or Chocobo, but I like Moogle better.)

This is the way I see it:

Nintendo - Mario
Playstation - not too sure (could be Crash, some Tekken guy/girl, some FF character) not too sure… however I believed it to be Crash for a long long time!)
Xbox - Halo guy (whatever his name is)
Sega - Sonic

Sony’s mascot is Jack Trenton.

Also that new kid as of E3 '010.

PS1’s was meant to be Crash, then Spyro, then… they decided trying to get a mascot out of Wipeout probably isn’t going to work.

For PS3 though it looks like it’s Nathan Drake. Am I the only PS3 owner who didn’t immediately jizz upon first playing Uncharted 2? Because everywhere else I look it’s treated as though it’s more revolutionary than Mario 64…

The demo for Uncharted 2 was not impressive so I decided not to look into it any further. I think people are just too easily impressed when it comes to graphics, because I don’t think any of these next gen games are any good.

Yeah… since GTA IV, there hasn’t been any games that have been “ground breaking” in terms of graphics and general quality. However, if our buddy Nikko were to become a mascot… I’m sure it would cause controversy on a global scale! xD

GTA4 is one of the most disappointing games ever made. It is also one of the most boring.

Why do people call it the PSX?

In Japan, Sony’s mascot seems to be this critter here:

Toro Inoue…

While I don’t remember a game starring it exclusively, there’s a cameo in Everybody’s Golf: World Tour… (and on a sidenote, God of War’s Kratos too XD)

D’oh, how could we forget the obvious ‘born to be a mascot’ character the Playstation has nowadays?


I was thinking about Kratos, since GoW was one of the last exclusive franchises I’d known of, but LBP’s dolls seem more suited for it.

Though I think they’ll come up with some new mascot now that PS Move’s out.

A mascot has to be a classic character that has had a solid presence on a console over a long period of time. A character that has earned a title; being known for it’s for it’s console. While, GoW has has a significant impact on the console, I don’t think it’s ready to represent Sony!

The only reason why GoW isn’t already a mascot is due to not being a Naughty Dog character. ND is pretty much synonymous with the PlayStation brand at this point but they don’t really have a definitive mascot, hence Sony not having a definitive mascot.

Either way though, it could be worse…

Eh, not really. Sonic became Sega’s mascot pretty much overnight after the first game was released.

HAH! I should’ve known they would come up with a game like that, those moe-tans are everywhere! Hey, why don’t we have one?
:victoly: -I’ll be RPGC’s Tan! p:unch:: -No you won’t! pow!