If business meetings were like forums...

The world would be doomed.


The correct response there, Arac, was “First!”

It’s so true I don’t know if I laugh or if I cry.

Now please help an old lammer here, I don’t speak 1337 and I don’t know what V 332nU means.

That is a <a href = “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha”>computer-generated vertification image code</a> that the user has to type in during certain registration processes to prevent registration bots from mass signing up.

Wow, that was hilarious. xD And scarily accurate too.

First, heheh…

Hello would you like to win a free iPod Nan…ARRRGGGG!!head explodes

While I lol’d that I was shocked to find that noone else lol’d, rofl, ect… :frowning:

Bahahaha, that was awesome

Photoshop! Hahahahaahha! And seeing things at other businesses is so true.

You have mod post-edit powers.
Be an hero.
Do a barrel roll.

Haha, I remember seeing this when it was put on CollegeHumor. Those are literally the comments of people at CH. I have to watch it again.

That bot check scene was hilarious! Read it!!!


Oh, internet memes. I see what you did there.