Identify please

I went to a yard sale late in the afternoon (which is the best time cause thats when the sellers get lazy and start handing out stuff for free) and found this tub filled with randomly assorted toys from the late eighties and early ninties. The lady was running the place was so desperate to get rid of it she gave it all to me for free.

So now I’ve got a bunch of cool old toys but there are some that I have no clue where they came from. Can anyone tell me who they are?

Guh, they all look familiar, especially the first one, but I can’t place it…

Out of curiosity, cait sith, why did you make two threads with the exact same title within ten minutes of each other, instead of, say, editing the first one to ask whatever you were going to ask?

I did? I didn’t mean to. Sorry <.<;;

You can close the other one if you wish.

This one is Dr. Karbunkle, from the Biker Mice from Mars TV show and comics.

Already done.

Edit: Dude, I jsut recognized the second guy! He’s Groon, from THundercats! Awesome!

What? I thought there were 4 Thundercats… Cheetarah, Liono, Panthero and that other guy. Plus the little rat thing that says snarf.

Nonono… See, there was Lino, panthro, Tigra, Cheetara, and Wily Kit and Kat. Six. Plus Snarf, who kidna counts. later on, they also added Pumyra, Lynxo, and Bengali. But Groon was different. he was like Jaga, the spirit guy. Except he was evil. or something. Was only in a couple episdoes, but I remember him! Especially that one tusk he had! Groon/Grune (however you spell it) the Destroyer, I remember! Traitor to the THundercat people!

…Have I mentioend I loved that show, by the way?

Wow thanks for the info Valkyrie I remember him now.

here are a few more that have been bugging me.

I think this guy is from one of the Alien movies. Although I don’t remember anyone like this. Poor Alien guy.

I know this is a transformer but I can’t remember his name.

On a side note I can’t help but notice that this guys symbol is in an awkward spot.

Toy makers are perverts.

Actually, his symbol’s on his chest, that’s just some black mark on his crotch. Dunno what his name is, though, sorry. :\

The Transformer is Blaster. Totally oldschool. I have one that was orignially from my cousin. All Transformers back then had a colour changing decal. The more you applied heat to it, the more it would change colour. I think they placed it there because in his transformed state as a stereo, it’s underneath the controls. Oddly enough, they’re stuck in the same way mine are. The original owner probably tried to put the cassette transformers in there.

I know this thread basicly died and I’m sorry for Necroposting but I didn’t want to start another thread for just three things. Anyway here they are.

A dinosaur… ninja?

a creepy japanese girl.

…ok i’m stumped from what I can tell its a whale in a pumpkin.