I'd like to read you a bedtime story

(And with “bedtime story” I mean something that’ll give you sweet, sweet nightmares. Especially you Starcraft players)

But on hand, I have only Window’s sound recorder, which creates pretty huge files (seven minutes - half of the first chapter and 5 mb sized) and the story is has interesting parts that would benefit by some pictures popping up. How’s Windows movie maker + posting it on Youtube, is that worth a shot? I’m talking really simple animation, like a counter of how many times the words “golden”, “blue” and “violet” is used. And an increasingly sparkly picture of a protoss.

Tell us the one where the guy is like “you got spunk… I want to taste it” or something.

Aaah, that would be Burning for You. Sadly, that’s gone from the internet as far as I can tell. Closest I can get you is this snark. (Not Work Safe!)

And here’s the exact quote for ya, Charle.

“You’ve grown these past seven years, kid,” I tumble through speech, attempting to, in some small way, assume a modicum of the old confidence. “I admired your spunk, I’ll admit it… But now…”
“But now, I’d rather taste your spunk than admire it.”

That’s all Ganondorf, despite the linebreak that seems to be new dialogue. Ganondorf to Link.

… and it works.

I CAN fap to this!

Stop changing the subject. I want to see Sin and crew’s reaction to this story with this Fenix guy needing to be protected by this Raynor fellow due to being a sex magnet to terran dudes!

… I don’t even know who these people are and I can tell it’s bullshit. Though considering what the author did with Illidan and Arthas it’s easy to be clued in.

I think you can have the pictures popping up OK with movie maker (never tried making anything in it myself, but my father usually does stuff like that). Also, 5mb would be something big 10 years ago, but nowadays? Only for those who are unlucky enough to be still stuck with 56K dialup modems.

I used Windows Media Encoder in a job a few years back, you can use it to make smaller files than Windows Movie Maker. It gives you much more freedom when it comes to working with sound and video - though it’s much more technical too, but it’s still easy to do basic stuff like converting a video from one codec to another. It’s been discontinued and now Microsoft has this one called Expression Encoder, which I have not tried yet. Youcould give both a shot, to see what gives.

Well… Fenix IS pretty manly and the biggest bro in StarCraft. I can totally see every Terran having a serious mancrush on him. :wink:

Ren: Great, I’ll see if I can make this work then. About the large size of the soundfile, well, I did admit to being old in that other thread, haha. I can’t get past the “Oh my god it’s over 1mb are you NUTS?!” phase, apparently.

Poke: I could buy that for the real canon XD but in this fic he’s, uhm… remember this?

Illidan was stunned at the paladin’s (Weiilaspoiler: It’s Arthas) actions but without thinking, he threw himself in the arms of the paladin and hugged him.
“Thank you!Thank you for saving me!”, Illidan said with tears building up in his eyes.

Yeah, it’s the same author. Draw your own conclusions :smiley:

If you want to keep your sound file size to a more manageable one - grab audacity and encode the files to a smaller size.

And for videos, MPEG Streamclip.

We’ll see how it turns out in the end, I might get away with the sound file being about 1.5 mb, dunno about the video. I’m futzing around with Live Movie Maker now, and already I run into a problem. I want to have multiple text balloons on the screen (the counter I mentioned in the first post), but it seems like it’s only willing to let me have one text open at any time. How do I add more of them? Anyone? D:

As Scott Ramsoomair would say, “I’m pretty sure you don’t kill a tank by fucking it. Oh hey, is that the cooking section? I’m going over there… Far, far over there.”

i’m confused. will this movie have boobs? or tits? great tits?

Yes, but judging from the last few posts, they’re going to be man boobs.

Weii, Fenix is a guy enclosed in a war machine. Kind of hard to have sex in that condition.

It depends, does cybering count?

Oh, don’t worry about that. The first line of the story is “Fenix managed to survive and thankfully didn’t have to placed inside a dragoon after all.” The author has eeeeverything covered.

(Yeah, that line made no sense to me until I read up on the storyline in Starcraft and then it annoyed me as much as everything else.)

Oh good. And by good I mean barf. Reading and spreading these [strike]things[/strike] fics must surely count as sadomasochism. I recommend the book of Raymond E. Feist - Magician: Apprentice, for which I wanted to send you a quick write up and can’t remember if I ended up doing so.

Rig: Yeah, I read it, just been an insane month :slight_smile: I’ll write you back soonish, promise.

And about the bedtime story, I’m kinda scared about the amount of time I’m wasting trying to get this underway. Just recording it is a pain and there are some sections I just give up nailing perfectly due to having tried a dozen times. Have you any idea how hard it is to say stuff like “[protoss men] had the most gorgeous bodies anyone had ever seen” without breaking down laughing? And then I got to the part where Fenix has to be rescued from pimps.


It’s okay to laugh; that’s kinda the point.

Edit: And it’s funnier if the narrator is struggling to keep him/her self from doubling over in laughter at the awfulness of the literary excrement of someone else.

Holy fuck, there are still PEOPLE here?! And by the looks of it, insane people.