I'd give it a season maybe less.

Before Naruto Shippuuden descends back into the sea of filler. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.:toast:

With two years of fillers down the throat, I’d give 'em two.

And with the start of Shippuuden, Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX should come out pretty soon. Hopefully, they’ll have a Wii Freeloader done by then…

(Finally, more stuff to copy with Sharingan?)

Whoa. At what episode number will the series stop being filler? I might start watching it again.

221, which will be broadcast today. :smiley:

(Actually, the filler material ended in last episode, where Naruto finally embarks on the journey with Jiraya.)

Ok, so the last episode I watched was probably 156 or something. The end of the curry arc, at least. How much between that and ep 221 is filler? Serious answers please.

I’m pretty sure all of those episodes were filler.

Seriously, it’s been all filler since the attempt to retrieve Sasuke.

That was AWESOME. Sure, they added some stuff in terms of artistical liberties but they were pretty good additions. Except those keywords. Ugh. But… 'til next week, then!

People, just because a plotline in an Anime is “filler” until the Manga it’s based on catches up doesn’t mean it’s bad. I have seen a couple of Animes whose filler arcs were as good, if not better, than the Manga- Saint Seiya being an example.

What I truly find annoying is when they extend episodes by having characters talk on end, especially if they extend a single fight over several episodes like they did on Dragonball. Talk about horrible pacing. ARGH!!

Really, they should just wait until a particular Manga story is done (at least the current story arc) before adapting it. I guess they’re afraid of losing the window of opportunity for exploitation- but most Mangas that get adapted are so popular that fans would probably wait anyway.

Well. Let’s just say that it’s not good filler material when most of the plot/dialogue is like this:

Naruto: “LOL I’M STUPID.” does something stupid

Whatever team he’s assigned with: “OH NOES NARUTO!”

They try to succeed on the mission


Whatever team he’s assigned with: “Good Naruto! You look kind of cool!”

And that’s about it. That’s NOT good filler. The Kakashi mask thing was good filler.

Just out of curioisity, I was wondering what was the episode number for the last non-filler Naruto episode prior to episodes 221 & 222?

One of my friends is being driven batty by Naruto filler. I’ve stuck with the broadcast so I can avoid that sort of craziness. I’m surprised by how much I like the show, though.

Worst filler arc? Tales of the Meiji in Kenshin.

Yes, this is true, but the Naruto fillers had been going on for atleast a year and a half, most of which, was, as has been said, bad filler, and the manga story line is currently atleast two arcs ahead of the anime. xD

Anyways, I just saw the new episode, pretty good if you ignore the keyword thing, and starting the episode with Sasuke was interesting, if still making me think, “Wtf are they gonna do when they actually get to that?” but whatever.

Which one was that? The worst I can remmember was the whole Feng-Shui crap. An anime magazine in my country even commented that while filler is generally low-quality, Kenshin’s filler seemed to have been written by people driven by intense hatred towards the show.

To be frank, aside from Saint Seiya’s Asgard saga, which by the way they managed to tie in to the real plot to make it relevant, I’ve never seen any fller that I could like.

I don’t envy the people who have to work on Anime shows writing the fillers. On the one hand, they get to work on popular shows and may even work with characters they WANT to write about; on the other, their work will ALWAYS be compared against the original, usually unfavorably (no matter how good it REALLY is) because to many fans “You HAVE to make it just like in the Manga!!!” Not to mention that their hands are tied in so many ways- they can’t do anything really meaningful with the characters -kill them, change them, have them fall in love, etc.- because the Manga is the one that determines those things. I heard that the Naruto show got some flack for giving Hinata a new Jutsu to use (The Eight Trigrams thing).

The ideal thing would be if the author and the show’s writers got together and discussed what would be covered where- maybe the fillers would develop the supporting casts while the author develops the main story. But that rarely seems to happen.

You could always watch, you know, good anime that doesn’t last a billion fucking episodes.

It’s the last third of the TV series, and it follows the Kyoto arc. It’s basically a bunch of side stories with no overreaching plot; the Feng Shui story is one of them. From what I understand, the anime caught up with the manga at that point, so I guess they just came up with something instead of waiting for the Revenge arc, which would have been so much better. Oh well.

Apparently the Japanese don’t believe in reruns or putting a series on hiatus, at least for anime. It’s a new episode every week, so if the anime is outpacing the manga it’s based on, it’s filler time.