Icons rearranging themselves?

Okay, I keep most of the stuff in my personal folders arranged by Type and set in List view, but whenever I go back to open up a folder that hasn’t been open in, say, a day, sometimes less, it’ll have changed to sorted by Name and Thumbnail or Icon view.

I have no IDEA why this happens. Can anyone here offer some feedback?

GG, assuming you’re using Windows XP, there is an option in the Control Panel under Folder Options that says “Remember each folder’s view settings”. Make sure you have that box checked.

It was checked when I looked.

Really? Well then…

whistles and walks away to step away gracefully

TD, I’ll let you handle this one then.

And this is why you don’t make threads while I’m sleeping >:(

Do your root folders have a different folder view type? It’s possible for them to pass on the settings to their children.

I seem to have things working. Let’s see if they sill do so tommorow. Thanks.

How about icons on my quicklaunch bar rearranging themselves magically? It’s really annoying.