Icewind Dale II

I just finished it.

What the hell, THAT WAS IT!? I left the game right at the end years ago for some reason I don’t recall and recently picked it up again. I finish the game at long last.

“You have defeated the Legion of the Chimera and saved the Ten Towns”.

THAT was fucking IT!? THAT’s my ending!? Fuck, I know Icewind Dale is the D&D equivalent to Diablo, but for fucks’ sake, I got more dialogue and exposition out of the fucking mid-Boss in the first game than I did from the fuckwad twins here.

I just got a fucking A WINNER IS YOU. At least the first game had the decency to throw you that one last twist in the ending narration. This was just bullshit. FUCK YOU, GAME.

Old school, eh?

Whats wrong with Diablo?

It’s hack n’ slash. He probably doesn’t mean it 's a bad thing, just a different set of expectations.

(Plus, the Rogue sucked, that’s what’s wrong with Diablo).