Icewind Dale 2 Final Boss

I’m having trouble with Isair and Madae. I’ve put in around 5 hours trying to beat them. All of my party members are at level 17, which should be more than good enough. I’ve already tried killing other enemies in the room. I can’t get any Protection from Magic scrolls. I can get up to the part when they drink the water. I chose Bane’s son not to summon things against me. Whenever I buff, my cleric can’t cast Heal. Whenever Isaid and Madae cast dominate or hold person, I’m helpless. Sometimes one of my character’s icon dissapears altogether. I think there’s something wrong with my game.

Did you purify the pool so they can’t heal? Or are you having trouble getting them to that point?

Those two bastards are the toughest enemies I’ve ever seen in a FR game. Even recruiting everyone around the tower, purifying the pond and pulling all my best strategies it took me forever to kill them.

If you are a cheating coward like me, you could try to look for a spot where to hide and start sending lower summoned creatures in order to force them to exhaust their spells.

I don’t get to purify the pool because I allied myself with Iyachtu Xvim. But I did make a special save slot before putting stuff in the pool. Do you reccomend loading it and taking the path of purifying the pool?

How should I go about the summon trick you mentioned? How can I tell when they exhaust their spells? I went to the lower right corner, killed “goons”, then summoned stuff (especially animate dead). When I got them to teleport, I tried running back to the first room where the summons are. I also tried sending the summons into the room with the pool.

How can I protect against their status spells? Mindblank and Impervious Sanctity of Mind can protect against Dominate. And Impervious can block Hopelessness. But I can only memorize two mindblanks

Yes, DEFINITELY purify the pond. It will make your fight an assload easier, and you need every advantage you can get, because the twins ARE tough as hell.


The exhaustion strategy takes patience and a lot of time. Basically you just stand still for a while (A minute and a half is the average) so that every spell cast by the enemy wears off. Then just summon some crappy critter and send it to where the enemy casters are so that it gets killed by their attacks. Rinse and repeat so they use their valuable defensive and offensive spells for nothing before charging in and taking out the exhausted casters.

My cleric won’t cast Heal or Cure x Wounds when she’s buffed

When my characters are dominated or hopeless, they dissapear from the map, and the effect doesnt wear off. Then they don’t get attacked, and the battle goes nowhere

Sometimes, a character gets totally wiped out. Their icon is gone, and they can’t be Ressurected

When I cast Ressurect, I have to make that character pick up the stuff of their corpse

Vesse Nejj from Severed Hand dissapeared, even though I did the Mage Tower puzzle, even found the four quest items

There’s soemthing wrong with my game. I have already done a Repair reinstall, and a reinstall

PS: Should I use Ring of Free Movement?

  1. Buffed? What’s that?

  2. Forgotten Realms games are famous for having bugs all over the place. Can’t help you with this one and I don’t know any page with IDW2 bugfixes.

  3. That’s called Permanent Death, a very nasty effect from spells like Power Word Kill and Desintegration. Once this happens the only way to bring a character back is reloading a previously saved file.

  4. So do it you lazy bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. Sorry, been a while since I played so I can’t even remember who Vesse Nejj is.

How do I recruit people to help me fight the twins?

Ah yes. Well, then just don’t use that spell.

Where did you use the exhaustion strategy? In the second part of the battle, how did you get your summons to the room with the pool? What room did youi hide in? Did you invis/non detect? When did you use a higher level summon? How can you tell their out of spells?

Maybe I can cast protection of evil then use Gate at a point

Sorry, It’s been too long since I did that so I can’t remember.

I did beat Isair and Madae, but my barbarian straggled when the tower collapsed, so I’m not sure if I escaped the tower and beat the game. I got the conclusion movie, but maybe it was a bad ending?

Where do I get Trials of the Luremaster for Icewind Dale 1? I don’t have my old characters I played with, so where can I get high level pre-made characters to play it with?