Ice Storm

I live in Kansas and we just had one of the worst ice storms ever on record. We have at least 1 inch of ice on everything. It was so bad we just got back our electricity and it’s been gone for about 27 hours. This is the only time i’ve ever been out of school for 3 days straight for snow or ice. Here are some pictures.


Those are some good photographs.

Pity that you are having some rotten weather, but it does not surprise me considering climate change in this day and age.

Bah, lightweights. That’s nothing to Quebec’s 98 icestorm. The entire province shut down at some point. Power wire towers bent completely under the weight of the ice. Branches and wires were covered in at least 2 inches of ice and made everything snap. I sympathize with all the problems this’ll cause you guys.

Pretty ice.

we had freezing rain just last night. Not as bad as that but… made a ferw people not go to school today.

Denver hesitated to close schools when he got three goddamned feet of snow and ice in 2003… it sucks if you aren’t used to it though, good luck, man.

Damn. In Tennessee it’s in the high 60s in some places.

Where I live wasn’t the hardest hit, some places in the state had close to 2 inches. One place reported 1 1/2 inches of ice and 10 inches of snow.

It was in the 60’s last week

Two days ago it was upper 50s, now we have an ice storm as well. No school today, probably not tomorrow.

Lucky. AISD sucks to hell. Even if there was a frickin’ blizzard out they won’t cancel or delay school -_-;;

In the town 60 miles away from us they called in electric people from like 7 other states, and they said that some parts of town might not have electricity for 2 weeks. Most of the power outages was from 20 mph winds.

Same with me. New years day, and the day after felt like may. We’re supposed to be getting something tonight, but it hasn’t started and they havn’t called school yet. I’m fucking praying i don’t have to go tomorow.

It’s nice and roughly 75 here in Georgia.

It’s so pretty. =3 The Quebec one was cooler though.

Maybe it killed a few religious fanatics. =D


I remember that. I remember seeing a comic in the newspaper and it showed the map of Canada with Quebec blackened out. That must have been awful; I watched some news coverages.

And bah, electricity out for 27 hours :stuck_out_tongue: Ours was out for 4 days (and we were one of the lucky ones) when we got a hurricane last year. And our last two blizzards knocked the power out for a day and we got several feet of snow. It’s just normal. I hope you’ve been through this before and were at least a little bit prepared, because waiting out a blizzard sitting around in blankets can be exhausting (but also very fun!!!)

it wasn’t that bad for us we were at least warm. We had a generator that we would switch between our heater and our tv. We kept our stuff outside that needed to be cold.

Come live in my city, it never snows here. We also don’t have floods, hurricanes, earthquakes nor any other major natural disaster (unless a quake somewhere else unsleashes a tsunami here or a meteor falls, but it’s pretty unlikely).

Heh, yeah, after Quebec’s 98 icestorm, everybody rushed to buy generators. Too bad we never really had another power failure to use it. :stuck_out_tongue: It wasn’t that awful, though. I just remember it was fun because I missed (only :frowning: ) 4 days of school and I had to study for an history exam under candle light. But I understand it is unusual when living in Kansas, so even if it doesn’t look much to me, it must have been such a hassle.

Trees covered by ice look pretty, but I still fucking hate snow, ice, freezing rain, cold and winter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everywere in Kansas is out of generators. They had Lowes departments store and they said that the closest available generator was in Dallas Texas. We have to use our generator at least once a year when we get lightning storms.