Ice Cubes!

My computer crashed earlier, I’ve probably lost everything. So, it’s that time again where I am going to redownload all my stuff, and frankly I can’t remember all the links and such. So start linking me, mainly I need media codecs, security stuff, and anti spywear. So link away.

<a href=“”>Ad-Aware</a>
<a href=“”>Spybot</a>
<a href=“”>RegClean</a>
<a href=“”>The Defilerpak</a>
<a href=“”>Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative</a>
<a href=“”>Media Player Classic</a>
<a href=“”>Winamp 2.91</a>
<a href=“”>Powerarchiver</a>
<a href=“”>SlimBrowser</a>
<a href=“”>Mozilla Thunderbird</a>
<a href=“”>Mozilla FireFox</a>
<a href=“”>AVG AntiVirus Free Edition</a> (just in case you don’t have one yourself) (PM me for Norton AV Corporate)
<a href=“”>1stpage 2000</a>
<a href=“”>Alcohol 120%</a>
<a href=“”>BitTornado</a>
<a href=“”></a>
<a href=“”></a>

Damn TD, that’s a lot. Hell, I’ll have to use some of those.

For anti-spywear, try wearing really bright orange clolored clothes.

<a href=“”>All video codecs</a>
<a href=“”>Watch Vivo/Real without RealOne</a>
<a href=“”>.mov without QuickTime</a>
<a href=“”>In case ogg doesn’t come with DFpak, but i think it does</a>

<a href=“”>SpybotSD</a>
<a href=“”>Adaware</a>
<a href=“”>Use this to kill empty regedit entries once done scanning with a spyware tool. Usually they entries are left empty after a scan, slowing you down like <i>crazy</i>.
<a href=“”>HijackThis</a>
Those 4, coupled with a vigilante watch over what you do online, should be fine. And for gods sake don’t use IE.

<a href=“”>Firefox. If you use IE, you’ll get fucked.</a>

Just get a nice firewall and virus scanner. I’d link you, but best virus scanners are pay-to-use, and the only firewalls i like are hardware.


Please, don’t ever link there again next time someone’s asking for HELP.

Bonzibuddy’s full of Spyware and Adware last time I checked.

Suprnova died.


Bonzibuddy = ev0l.

Notice me linking to a mirror, stupid.

<a href=“”>Winamp</a>, goes without saying. TD linked to it, but I remember you having version 5! :open_mouth:
<a href=“”>AntiVir.</a> The best antivirus guard out there, I swear. it’s free, fast, doesn’t have 853246 unnecessary things, a nice clean layout, is only like 4MB small and updates all the time.
<a href=“”> Tuneup utilities</a> , has a few easy performance improving things, not a must-have though. Needs a reg key.
<a href=“”> FTP explorer</a>. Or get some other FTP proggie. You need one.
<a href=“”>IrfanView</a>
<a href=“”> mirc :P</a>
<a href=“”>Soulseek</a>, ad/spyware- free simple filesharing proggie.
<a href=“”>dll- files, you never know if you might need some :P</a>