I won't be here again until....


To make things worse, my net contract with MSN or something ends soon and mom aint’ got nothing planned out (I can’t get my own yet, GRAH). And I’m already disturbed someone even MADE a spoiler tag on the Potter thread (even more disturbed since my Pott loving cousin highlighted it more than willingly, bastard -_-)

I’m already halfway with the book and I’ll leave my thoughts on the book to that.

And I also have work this week so I don’t have enough time to do pott.

When I come back, I have to tell ya’ll about the Hastings Party. (I was the second one to recieve a copy in my part of town! w00t.)

Anyone who needs me for whatreason or whatever, I’ll make it when I can, I’m already in a bit of a rush to finish this.

I’ll be seeing ya’ll then.

looks at your details

You don’t happen to like that book or anything do you…?:wink:

My OotP cover owns yours :P.

I’ll post it as soon as I can get access to my mum’s scanner.

Harry Pot–ter…

Now, seriously, I used to have no respect for the young mage, but now I’m thinking of downloading it and reading to see if it’s really cool.

The books are great, and do not live up to most stereotypes out there. Despite what most people believe, they are not little kids books…the latter books are quite…gruesome and a bit disturbing. A good read though. And how can you download a book?

  • Bangs his head against the monitor and counts the days until the end of month*


EvA: Kazaa or Gnutella, o’course :stuck_out_tongue:

Grah! Just as long as you get your section of our shrine done I don’t care how long you read the book for :wave:

Originally posted by Ren
EvA: Kazaa or Gnutella, o’course :stuck_out_tongue:

You can download books from there? Dude. Well I still think it’s worth your while to read the actual book…it’s all authetic and stuff:p

The ones in the internet are authentic too. And free.

But you need a good conection or it can take a while.

Hey, can I barrow it from ya’?:kissy:

Meh, you can probably just get it from a library for free, I just don’t know how soon most of them will get the book and how long the waiting lists will be.

Is someone obsessed? I like books and all, have my room full of them actually, but there’s something wrong about changing your info like that. And I suppose I never liked Harry Potter: I’m more for old, strange, and/or unheard of, books.

It’s not that. I just ani’t gonna be able to read it til a year or two from now. I almost got stump on just from picking one up… ;.;

Originally posted by Seraphim Ephyon
But you need a good conection or it can take a while.

I got the whole LOTR + Hobbit collection in a 56K, it’s just 13 mb’s. Harry Pott can’t be bigger than that.


Ignore the crazy Czech, and only click on the books that have ENG marked next to them. That’s a fairly complete online fantasy-genre book collection.