I won't be around for a while...

Because I’m working for a few weeks now, so I won’t be at home (no comp access) and I’ll be working at night, so I’ll probably sleep a lot too…

Anyway, if anyone has anything important that you want to tell me, just send me a mail to my hotmail (pokefreak_85@hotmail.com) because that’s probably the only thing that I’ll check during these weeks.

(But I’ve gotten some days of for the RPGC gathering so don’t worry 'bout that :D)


you say that like you were around anyway

True, but at least he makes it official now.

Bye then:wave:

See ya Poke!

Hope we see you soon Poke!

Work sucks. I know. Come back soon.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Bye’, and mumbles: ‘Mmm. Paycheck’.

You need to be seen mote often, but lates Poke! Hope to see you soon man!