I won the lottery!

Mag lights are sooo totaly cool =o

I have one, but sadly it needs new batteries =\

Oh and my parents do that lotto thingy, meh, they’ve never won.


The company I work for has ties with the gambling business. I know exactly what the odds are for winning in many of the Dutch games of chance.

Needless to say, I don’t gamble.

200 Euros. Ohhhh yeahhh. And since then, it’s become an annoying habit :stuck_out_tongue:

To illustrate how lame my friends are, to celebrate his 18th birthday my friend went out with us and bought a scratch lotto. Woohoo. He was going to buy a cigar, and promptly chickened out. In his defense, I’m not just lame by association, but am also lame myself.

No, you DID win the lottery!

Stones Chris to DEATH!

Gambling is bad, mmmkay.