I won something!

Last year in the middle of october last year I posted a poem called Snow at Night (which not people many read). For language class we had to write something and send it to a contest. I sent in that poem and won a prize for it. :biggrin:

Nice. Are you going to post it?

Congratulations! (What did you win? :slight_smile:

What was the prize?



Hey, I posted in that poem. Go me! :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, well done on winning that thing too. Ya did good kid. :smiley:

Thank You. I don’t know yet. My language teacher just got a letter saying that I won. I also had to bullshit two more lines to make the line limit, but I don’t have the have the poem and I don’t remember them (don’t worry, they weren’t as good.)

I won a screenplay writing contest once…

Of course, I never got my prize…

Stupid GIA…

I remember winning one of those coloring contests as a kid.

If your teacher sent it in then it’s probably legit. I didn’t want to rain on your parade, I just thought it might have been one of those contests where you send in a poem and then buy a book of poems with yours in it. Congrats though. :victoly:

Hey, congrats! That’s really cool, dude :slight_smile: