I wish I were Canadalien

There are things GULP that only the Faculty of Medicine of the Toronto University does for you

Its actually not that invalid a concern as there have been hints that the human pappiloma virus can cause issues via fellatio. I think.I’m not sure why they can’t find a way to treat tissues with fresh sperm or produce the enzmes in bacteria in mass quantities and use test tissues at different concentrations of the enzyme.

hahaha! They kgiveyou head! HEAD!

Man, I was massaging people’s aheads today, and m yfriend Leah was liek ff"you goivge good head" and I was like “hahahaha.”

EDIT: sin- 'catha ta way they odn’t get blwosjobs.

I wish I was a canadian too. sigh

wake up Loki, you didn’t hear a word he said, did you? You’re wasted!

(Aqua Teen reference)

Now that I wake up, it occurs to me that this might be a psychological experiment. Several men will show up, get the money, and it will be… say… an old fat guy or something. Or maybe an animal. =p

Wow… free head and $145. That’d rock.

Would it?
It could be old Aunt Olga.

I suppose you’d get a sore throat after a while. WHy do they need a study for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pierson, you RECEIVE fellatio, you do not give it. Sorry, I know this must be hard for you.


Can anyone say… gloryhole? >>;

I was referring to fellatio in general, man fool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesnt load for me.

Yeah that way seems a little more scientific and less awkward, maybe its just a gag and they’re just pulling your leg.

Sorry for the bad puns…is thrown into the pit of despair

I wish I was Canadian too, just so I could put “KANEDAAAAAA!!!” in my Location. :smiley:

This just sounds too weird to be true…