I Wish I Had Made This Up...

Khmer Rouge Theme Restaurant.


THE place to eat during your Holiday in Cambodia

Unfortunately, the restaurant has been shut down.

You can’t avoid politics if you imitate a political regime.

Also, for $6 that better be the best damn gruel I’ve ever tasted. Not the Krusty Brand imitation crap.

Speaking of those kinda restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen has the same initials as Pol Pot’s party: CPK.

When people go there, do they dress in black?

Yeah, I remember hearing about that a while back…that would’ve certainly made more of an impact on someone studying history than just reading a book.

And they work hard with a gun in their back for a bowl of rice.


Seriously though, all Dead Kennedys lyrical references aside, it seems like the waiters DID dress like Khmer Rouge agents/enforcers.

EDIT: And yep, that did involve dressing in black, upon further review.