I will host the next RPGCali meet

But. Only like 5 people can come. Cuz I don’t want a big get together. Whoever wants in tell me. And I’ll choose the people I like the most. I live in Thousand Oaks.

No you won’t.

I’ll host whatever I want. sucker. now are you gonna join us? I Heard 984 is going. I know you love that guy.

Yeah, but WHERE?

Thousand Oaks?


Perhaps I should further explicate my question. Where in Thousand Oaks?

By the highschool!

You’re not helping. :frowning:

By the highschool?

Well, zeppelin’s coming.

Zepp’s always coming…and always too soon.

If Charle is the Lord of Thousand Oaks, I’d think twice before angering him. Wouldn’t want the sun to stop rising.

That’s alright, they’re pretty young themselves too.

Why wait? Not like it’s a finite commodity or anything.