I went to see a movie by the name of Sweeny Todd...

And it was good.

Even though it was rather over the top with it’s violence (I’d wager even more so than AvP2) and rather Shakespearian the rest of the ascetics were well done. Most of the musical numbers helped lighten up an otherwise drab and bloody splatterfest, and even the acting quality ranged from good to excellent with the meat pie maker (her name escapes me at the moment) being the best of the lot IMHO.


Yeah well…bright and upbeat musicals make me puke. :slight_smile:

Murderous singing barbers ftw.

Great movie. Not really a horror flick, more like a very macabre musical/drama.

I’ll never look at pot pies the same way again.

the rest of the ascetics were well done.


Well, I mean, he’s not wrong. The ascetics were well done.
He probably meant “aesthetics,” but that doesn’t take away from the fact his comment was technically valid. Unless meat pies are cooked less than I believe them to be.