I was playing Tactics Ogre when I started wondering...

What the heck is the “Word Rock” item useful for?
It’s description says something about talking to (something) and controlling dolls, but nothing seems to happen whenever I try to use it. (Equipping does nothing, using it in battle does nothing.)
I’m thinking about trying to equip it on a Warlock and then (if necesarry) try using it in battle, because the Warlock class looks just like the Doll Mages from March of the Black Queen…
But that class takes forever to unlock, so does anyone know what it’s good for, so I don’t have to test every little possible use for it to find out?

Is this the PSX version or the GBA version?

(I usually refer to the GBA version as Knight of Lodis)

I’ve only played the GBA one, sorry dude.

But I’m impressed you even found Tactics Ogre on the PSX!

OK, thanks anyway…

No finding it for PSX wasn’t that hard. I’ve had it for a few years I think. It’s been disappearing every now and then but I’ve still had it. :stuck_out_tongue: