I was looking for these



Bought some Morpheus ones.

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Was that for the coolness or for the price?

The price of this particular brand. The coolness passed a few months ago when I saw a set of multiple shades for sale on ebay for 100 something bucks.

PEople will pay any price to be cool. I wouldn’t mind a pair of Agent Smith sunglasses… at liek a tenth of that price.

I love how sin wears sunglasses. he makes wearing sunglasses cool.

I will not pay that much for sunglasses, even if they’re Matrix-type. I’m a cheap person, if it’s cheap, then I’ll buy it. But, if it’s expensive, then there’s no way I gonna get it (unless someone buys it for me.)

BTW, I’ll probaby lose the sunglasses in about three days.

I’m not paying for mine. I got my last pair of glasses December 12th, and my dad’s insurance popped them through by about the 28th I think. I’ll charge these to his plan, then get my next set of glasses in early January next year.

How nice, expensive and ugly sunglasses.

I prefer these: http://www.fishinapint.com/images/fearand.JPG

Bah. Any dark glasses that are dark enough can look cool. It’s all in attitude.