I was in dragnet! Baby!

So apparently four guys decided to break into the house across the street from where I live earlier today, and I wouldn’t be too concerned except for the fact that they’re still at large and that they were armed with something between a knife and up to four guns (the reports are slightly conflicting on that particular issue).

Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the events of today, but it got the nearby school to go on lockdown. However, I don’t think this will be the last I here of them since it’s a rather safe bet that the house in question was specifically targeted (the fact that my porch is loaded with stealable stuff like a weight-lifting bench (weights included) and an old desk chair kinda indicates that they weren’t there to gather ill-gotten supplies for their home redecoration project, plus there has been some rather annoying commotion generated from that establishment in the past).

So anything weird like this happen to any of you?

Not quite related, but for a couple years, around halloween time, there was a tendency for people to set fire on our lawn. Luckily, it never got very big, but I’d like to point out that around this time, the leaves are falling - and those things are pretty fucking flammable. I should also point out that we have a lot of trees around our house, so the lawn can get blanketed in them. THankfully, the last few years have seen an end to it.

This September that just passed, my suitemates and I had several accidental break-ins at the townhouse apartment we live in. Both times, they were drunk people who were trying to get to a place to crash in one of the other townhouses, but were too drunk to realize where they really were. The first time the guy actually broke open our back door, and then went to sleep on our couch. We found him down there in the morning - he thought he was in his friends townhouse. The second time, a girl went up to the second floor, asking for “chris”(who was her boyfriend or some guy she was screwing), and came barging into my suitemate’s room, who happened to be named Chris, saying “heyy Chris” ready to give him a big hug. You can imagine his ‘wtf??’ reaction.

Other than that, the most criminal thing that’s happened to me our my family was probably that one Halloween when we put all our candy on the front porch, for people to take by themselves, and the first trick treaters we got stole it all.

Wow…how is it so easy to beak into your townhouse?

Worst we’ve had is the neighborhood scuffles. Seems a couple houses down from my house there were some marital disputes involving guns at all hours of the night. Made my little brother kind of freaked out. My parents called the cops on them, and we all went to bed after that.

When I was a wee lad I left the back door unlocked and people broke in and stole our stereo, my snes and some games etc…

When I was a junior in high school I had gone out to a concert with a friend and a guy, that my mom mistook for a friend of mine, busted in our door with a gun and took all my moms money, the phones and her cell. He almost took her car keys but he changed his mind.

Back in '95 or so, some guy committed suicide right outside our house. He shot himself maybe 50 feet from my window. Didn’t wake up at all. The police did a horrible job of cleaning up the blood too. We had a blood stain on our driveway for a few weeks until my father finally bleached it.

Also, he probably didn’t commit suicide. Gunshot wound was execution style. He was considered a lowlife, though, so the police didn’t feel it necessary to investigate.

My house got broken into twice when I was little, both times when there was nobody there. I was pretty young, so all I remember is that I lost my NES and my first Genesis in each one. Nobody could ever figure out HOW they had gotten in, given the apparently untouched doors and windows.

Other than that, not much… well, there was this guy that tried to mug me right in front of my house. My dad saw him just as he was coming out the front door. No deaths or bloodstains, but let’s just say my dad got off lucky with just a warning by the cops for excessive force. I’m not exactly sure how much was left of the robber by the time the police got here, but it couldn’t quite be called a human being anymore.

At one point the drug dealers that I used to live across from had their car moltov’d.

Are we counting molotovs too?

I once got stopped by the police for… riding my bike at night!

I had been visiting my nephew over at my sister’s house (it’s in my same town) but I lost track of time and it was already dark when I left for home. Suddenly a police car signals me to stop, which I do. They ask me why I’m out at this hour and I explain. They ask to see what’s in my bookbag, so I showed it to them. When they see it’s just a Pokemon book (I was playing the game with my nephew :stuck_out_tongue: ) they let me go.

Turns out there were rumors going around that somebody was delivering drugs on a bicycle at night around town. Just my luck. :stuck_out_tongue: