I want to thank you all

If it werent for RPGC I wouldnt be the master of spelling punctuation and grammar that I am today,

Hehe, IP +1

Irony Points

Stop interupting, I’m waiting for him to finish.

Amazing. Srsly.

Your welcome

I coughed at this. I’ve been a master of spelling and grammar for quite a long time. Typing in chatspeak actually slows me down very significantly now.

<img src = “http://www.pbfcomics.com/archive/PBF020AD-Grammar_Wizard.jpg”>

Its true. Funny, since you actually get educated through a forum of strangers adhering from different parts of no where. But true. This forum has taught me to think before saying anything that could get me shamingly bashed…thanks guys…you assholes… :wink:

You don’t understand.