I want to post again!

Hi guys! I haven’t been very active lately, for a couple reasons. What’s it been like a month and a half? I’m sure all of you have seen me post here and there though (duh where else can I turn if something goes wrong in ogre battle or my computer). Well I’ve decided to come back and post heavily like I used to. See? We ALL return here at some point, mwahaha.

Anyway, I wish I had some interesting updates for you all, but I don’t. Needless to say, I’ll keep rambling on.

I got a little bit tired of RPGC during the summer due to some user-bullshit going on in the boards, and in chat, when I peeked in occasionally (but of course, I suppose I provoked it). Anyway, sensitive soul that I am, I took some things seriously and grew to resent a good many of you :slight_smile: But come on, forum politics shouldn’t ruin internet fun, eh eh eh, so I got over it pretty quickly. But it’s what encouraged me to spending most of my online time here and I’m kinda glad that I did.

I could be asking the same thing; but I won’t.

Hey Hades.

when did you get unbanned?

You should of been here during the Quina episode in FFC…

Hey fuckface.

I don’t know, maybe 30 minutes ago?

God has a sick sense of humor. Cala: that’s inapropriate. Further investigations will not be tolerated.

wb hades (b**)b

I actually missed you, there’s no one else here with which to have extensive and thoroughly inconsequential arguments about game character’s penis sizes. Welcome back.

My bad Sin. Just a little jab at Hades and mine history together.

That’s precisely what we’d like to prevent.

One items on my list.

One, who wants to play SC?

I’m sure that Hades knows that deep down, no matter how many fights and bans we go through, we still love each other.

Not since I learned you are a guy.

Anal sex is anal sex is anal sex.

<i>CALA’S A GUY<u><b>?</b></u></i>

No I’m not. :frowning:

Hades, I missed you.