Hajime no Ippo is awesome. It’s about this guy named Ippo, who get’s beaten up by these bullies at school. One day, during one of these bullying sessions, Ippo is saved by the boxer who’s name is Takamura. He then follows Takamura to his gym, and surprisingly, Ippo packs a good punch. He then joins the gym, and is on his way to become a great boxer.

It’s so corny. Ippo fights an enemy. Almost loses, but his burning shounen powers forbid him to do so. And when he does lose, he just trains, comes back, and wins.

But fuck, it’s awesome. It’s just a fun show to watch. Boxtorrents has all 76 eps and the two movies. It also has great comedy moments.

Watch it.

and the intro song kicks ass. (see thread title)

I actually have a clip of the final fight in the anime (DEMPUSEYY ROLLLU), and from that I went ahead and dl’d the first 50 volumes of the manga. It’s AWESOME. It’s pretty much the precursor to every sports-guts series ever.

edit; found it!


Don’t watch this if you don’t want to know how the anime ends! But it’s not like you don’t know already, this being a I WILL BE THE BEST!! anime! he wins.

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