I want to buy a GC... Is it too late?

29 Jan is Chinese new year and I want to get a GC for myself.
And I want to play the coming Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

I know Xbox360 is out, but I don’t think I can probably get one.
Besides, GC is cheap.

But I already have DC, PS2, Xbox now, already have enough game for me.
Revolution will be out one day.

I really don’t know, I should wait or …

Considering how cheap used Gamecubes are these days, I say go for it. I dunno what it’s like over there, but 'round this part of the world used cubes can go for as little as $60, and a good number of decent games are cheap too.

Besides, the Revolution won’t even be unveiled until this year’s E3.

I’d say go for it. I still get a lot of use out of my GC. Super Smash Bros. mostly. But there are some good games to check out. For example:

Zelda: Wind Waker
Metroid Prime 1 & 2
Fire Emblem
Resident Evil 4 (No longer exclusive, but still looks better than PS2.)
Star Wars Rogue Squadren 1 & 2

I’d say it is far too late. If you get one now you risk getting called a n00b.

I don’t see the point. The Revolution will play GC disks.

I wouldn’t say it’s “to late”, but I bought one a year ago and my collection is only 8 games. I still haven’t bought any others, and don’t really want too… but do I regret it? Not at all.

I’d say go for it, the system is cheap enough that it would be worthwhile to pick up, play the games you want, then sell it again.

ps: wb sun

Well sun might wanna play GC games sometime before like 2008 or something.

Yeah. You could also get a Game Boy Player so you can play all GB, GBC, and GBA games on your TV.

Edit: Damn that girl can spin.

GC’s are cheap. Zelda TP isn’t out yet though. The GC is more fun if you have people to play with, imo. Metroid Prime 1 rocked though. MP2 had some irritating parts to it…

Yes, they’re all gone.
Oh god, where have they gone?

Well, I thought that the rev was coming out this year, not ‘2008’. But on the flip side they (cubes I mean) ARE going dirt cheap now. I’d have to consider other games first before I get it, provided I didnt already have one.

Revolution is due out this year. However, Gamecubes are cheap.

what I suggest is wait until the new Zelda game comes out and I bet Nintendo will offer some sort of “buy a Gamecube and get the Zelda game!” dealio.

Or wait for the Revolution. It’ll be out by the holidays and I’m betting it’ll only cost 200 whereas a GC is probably still hovering near 100.

GCs are $60, and come with a used game of your choice, around here.

damn that’s cheap.

I made this one. Draw 4 pics and make 2 mirror images, then use FlashMX combining them.

Maybe the situation here is much too different.

GC here is about $100, but there always illegal copy… $2 each game.

In China, we never worry about game.
I have 200 ps2 games and 50 xbox games. Most of them are illegal copies.

How about DS’s?

I don’t trust any release date Nintendo gives anymore.

129.99, last i checked, like anywhere else. I heard that the GC’s price is no longer set by Nintendo, or something, and thats why it can be sold for so cheap.