I want this game but I don't know its name >_<

It’s for good old 8-bit NES. I used to play it when I was 8-9. I liked it because it is so twisty and nonsense XD

So it went like this: the protagonist is a guy with a really big black power wig which makes him look funny because it just does not look good on him. One day a bad mage comes and kidnaps his girlfriend, named Jack. That is the whole plot. There are some two screens before the game starts, one saying “Dood, a mage kidnapped your girlfriend” and the other screen showing the protagonist’s face saying “I’ll save you Jack”, and then it starts. It doesn’t give any other detail about the story.

So you are thrown into a very funny place, there is a wall in the background and beyong it you only see woods. You simply proceed walking to the right while killing all the monsters that appear, untill you find the first boss: a green alien with small antennaes that shoots waffles on you. The next scenario is in a giant circus, with the boss being a giant punk, and the one after it is a cave.

The thing I found the coolest was the magic. You started with a limited amount of mana, and I never saw any item that could replenish it (actually I don’t remember it having any items at all). So there were three kinds of magic: shapeshifting, healing, and “blow everything that moves to dust”.

Shapeshifting: you could become a birdman, a catman and a fishman, and then human again. Human can shoot balls of energy, birdman throws small rods and fishman throws shuriken (their only forms of attack besides casting big destruction magic). Birdman can also fly, and fishman swim (duh) though fishman jumps real low. Catman has no long ranged attack, but he gets invulnerable to everything when he jumps.

Destructive magic: Deals a very high damage to everything on the screen, usually killing all the baddies. Followed by a very cool animation too, only that those animations lasted a little too long. The lame thing is, you could choose the elemental orientation of the magic (Earth, Air, Water and Fire), but just for a cosmetical effect since they all always dealt the very same amount of damage.

Argh… I wanna buy it and play it so much, but I can’t friggin’ remember its name :get it?:

Could it be Totally Rad?

I’ve seen that at the local used game store for about $2. Pretty cool, if I remember right.

Yes! Totally Rad is it! I love you Nessa! How can I ever repay?

No need.

But where does it say her name is Jack? I just dl’d the rom and I didn’t see it. Then again, I did skip the intro before the title screen. >.>;;

Yeah, in the intro he says Jack somewhere.

Uh… You sure you don’t mean Jake? That’s the main character’s name… and he called the chick (his girlfriend I guess) Allison. o.o

That magician sure is scary.

Blame my poor memory. You’re right, the chick is called Allison.

Heh, it’s ok. The only reason I remember is because I was just playing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally Rad…dear lord I haven’t heard that name in a long time. I can’t say I was interested when I saw it way back when but maybe I’ll look at it differently now.