I want a frickin' deformed and radioactive hand. Oh yeah, the machine is cool too.

Some guy has invented a machine that used radioactive rays to see through walls.

I like the way technology is coming along these days. I mean, I remember when I used to play on my Uncles’ computer-console thingajigger with only 32 keys on it, and I could like, play Pacman and shit on it. But now, they had stuff that can SEE THROUGH WALLS.


A scientist also teleported fruitflies from one end of a lab to the other in fifteen minutes, but he can’t be sure if they’re mentally intact. Seriously.

The French, Hurtubise adds, have also agreed to pay him a “substantial” amount of money for the technology if it passes rigorous tests in France.

How much to you think “substantial” is?


Not only does it see through walls, but it can disable electronic devices. It’s a focused EMP!

Look out, you Protoss bastards!

I wanna know what that sweet looking suit thing in the background is.

It’s a bear suit, designed to stop attacks by bears.

I’m not even fucking kidding - this guy’s a nut, and I doubt his newest device actually works.

Oh yeah, I remember this guy and his bear suit.

Does anyone else notice that in the picture he’s standing behind it and the machine thing is right at crotch level? Yeah…

Well, now that you mention it…LOL :hahaha;

Well, it’s not on. :stuck_out_tongue: But, he said when one of the radioactive rays hit his hand, it went numb, and he can’t move it now. I’d hate to know what happens if it hit his crotch.

Uh, no, Setz, you’re thinking along the wrong lines. In a word: compensate.

I’m doubting this too. But if it’s true, then holy mother of FUCK. There’s about 800 different applications. Get rid of the lethality and it’s about 1600.


I read about this a while back…the military took it under their wing.

Other than the fact that it kills every living cell that the item is pointed at, it’s a pretty usefu tool. I hope al-queda doesn’t buy the plans on the black market…that would be disastrous.

They should make another module, just bigger. Maybe at a 100:1 scale, then blast it at some country from space.

lol, Setz, LOL
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