I’ve been without my RPG drug for a whole month and I can’t take it anymore

I’m back. I was going to do a little parody of Eminem’s “Without me” to put in here but it’s been done already and I have no writer skills so I’ll just stick to the average message.

My life has settled down a bit and things are SLIGHTLY back to normal so I can afford being here again. I’m not going to go on a lengthy speech about how It feels or anything because I’ve been talking about my feelings non-stop for a whole month and so much sincerity it’s starting to get annoying.

On other less relevant stuff I’ve been playing FFTactics, FF7 and FF9 so expect me asking a whole load of questions (Especially about Tactics).

I think that’s about it. Not much happened besides loads and loads of paperwork and digging trough documents (My dear father wasn’t exactly the most organized person on the world. Took three days just to find his Birth Certificate.) and me failing in Math two periods in a row (First time ever). Sucks, I need to study real hard for the next period.

Good choice in games btw.

gives Ephyon his RPG drug Is that better?

Anyway, welcome back.


Seraphim, don’t do drugs.

And Welcome back, By the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, RPG drug is nothing compared to the drug that people call “life”. I’ve never tried, but I hear it’ll destroy your very soul.

Welcome back, d00d!

Welcome back, Sephy!

Welcome back.

Welcome back, brother =)

I’ll make you many avvies =)

Hi. Welcome back.

I didn’t even notice you were gone. I wasn’t paying attention.

That’s Dynamo, Master of Insensetivity!

I’ve just decided that I’m going to refer to myself in the third person and use improper grammar! Kitty think it make her cuter! =^.^=



Damn that must have been annoying. I know what I was like after two weeks with out any form of RPG, or RPGC. And I was about ready to snap.

Anyway welcome back.

Welcome back :slight_smile: I hope that things will become better for you as well.

Welcome back.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome Back’, and hands you a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and then runs on and away from the big brute he stole the cartidge from.

Thanks everyone. It really means a lot me. And thank you Mr.Waving Smilie but I don’t have a GBA ;_; I have to resort to emulating (Which is BAD on my Pentium 2).

Heh…I’m not teh only one…

Yay for old machines! Pats his 400Mhz processor

Originally posted by Kor
[b]Heh…I’m not teh only one…

Yay for old machines! Pats his 400Mhz processor [/b]

Then we’re three pats his P2 300 Mhz, which hasn’t been thrown into trash despite the other one