I totally screwed this up...but ask away

Questions? I can answer them…to the best of my ability.

Bring it on.

Hows it feel to have a large e-penis now?

Do you want fries with that postcount?

how did you totally screw this up?

What…is thy name?
What…is thy quest?
What…is thy favorate color?

Goth Rock or Death Metal?

underwater buses?

IonMage: I feel the same as I did before, what’s made the difference in my life is having a huge RL penis. But seriously, I don’t feel any different.

Trillian: I don’t do McDonald’s:P

Kairi: I didn’t do the thread the way the unwritten rules say to do it.

GG Crono: 1. Daniel (last name withheld)
2. I seek a degree in the culinary arts
3. Green

Amerycinsycho: Death Metal

Gila-Monster: If you say so

I am editing this post to answer the questions below.

Shinryu: I’d have to go with Tifa.

Beastmaster_Solo: 1. My best guess is radio frequency radiaton
2. I’ll go with the brain
3. I dunno

Izlude1984: To be, of course

Wilfredo Martinez: Yes

If you could have any anime, video game, or otherwise fictional character as your wife/lover for all eternity, who would it be?

  1. Which of the following is considered to be non-ionizing radiation ?
    X radiation
    Gamma radiation
    ultra violet radiation
    or radio frequency radiation ?

  2. Which body organ can be fatally effected by a very small amount of electrical current ?

and finally,

  1. Which potential does the Green wire in a three-wire electrical plug represent ?

To be or not to be?

Is that you in your avatar?

who is that sexy young man in your avatar? :wink:

If you could kill someone, who would it be?

(I love this question. You get some of the strangest answers…)

  1. Do you go down to Denver often, or are you going for your Culinary Arts degree at Johnson and Wales? (I think I’ve seen you somewhere before, and J&W is right across from my school, so…)

  2. What concerts have you gone to recently, if any?

  3. How many illegitimate children do I have?

North Korea or Cuba?

If I ruled the world would you trust me?

Why is binge drinking popular?
Album, live performance or live performance album?

What is the square root of pi?

Is “The Immortal” a reference to Hickman’s novel or are you making your title that way to be cool on the internet?

Mengde: I can’t say for fear of the feds bringing me to justice.

Arac: 1: sometimes, but I’ll be living there when I go to Art Institute:
2: Seeing Slipknot, Lamb of God and Shadows Fall in 2 days
3: Dunno
KP: I don’t trust anybody
DB: I dunno, but it’s fun.
Live Performance
HS: Dunno
Cless: It is indeed a reference to Hickman’s novel.