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This teenage female joined my school on Valentines Day, and I don’t know why, but I always seem to feel awesome when I am near her. We share interests, but at Magic: The Gathering, video-games, taste in movies, and taste in music.

I occassionally walk her home sometimes, even though her house is a long ways off from my route to go home myself, and we enjoy talking together. But as a teenager, I am forbidden to actually represent my feelings for this woman, as it’s well, a stereotype.

So, give me like, hints and shit to help this relationship going. But, keep in mind these key steps!

  1. I have not had a relationship of this calibre before.

  2. I am one year older than her.

  3. She is… unique. In short, he does wierd shit to get attention/feel better: such as slitting her wrists to “let the air out of her veins, and it feels good”, and “doing bad in school because she doesn’t feel it’s a requirment to advance in life”.

  4. We both have problems. She has social problems, I have… well, no problems. I was a behavioral person back in liek, the 90’s.

  5. We go to the same school.

  6. She enjoys my prescense, just as I do with her.

  7. I will not openly express my feelings for her, as it will lead in the cosmos being destroyed: I cannot stress this enough.

And as I cannot think of any more information to give, I will end it now.

such as slitting her wrists to “let the air out of her veins, and it feels good”


you are the guy in this situation?(not an insult you typed wierd in one part leading me to think otherwise a grematical error with shes and hes)

I had the same feelings for one girl before she was 1 yaer older instead of younger.BTW you have to eventuall ( but slowly if you want ) open up to her.

But the slitting her wrist thing is kinda odd, as well as the school thing you should steer her away from this path before you get romantic ( or just be with her more )because depending on her and your age it could lead to something bad.

Don’t stop seeing her

try asking her what makes her so say thing like that…or just be yourself…she might react in a negative way, but when you are ready ask her thatapproach it like this only when you ae ready."Why do you think the way you do?"that might not work but you should wait before you try that.If she opens up to you, it is an obvious sign she likes you.

(If girls like you they are able to actually enjoy you acting like a fool on occasion)Im a guy but we should wait until a girl posts (under 35 because when you hit that my mom said its no more romance)They probably have a better idea of what to do. The girls, I mean.

(was that post too odd sounding?)


It was fine. And I noticed the typo. Damn grammar nazi.

I was thinking of asking her why she does these horrible things, and to talk her out of it.

Anyways, no female comments. :<

Just hang out with her <i>as much as you can</i>. Don’t FORCE yourself to be places with her…IE, if she says “Me and my girlfriends are going to [this place]” don’t show up at [this place] and pretend like it is a coincidence. They don’t like that. But they do like it when you hang out with them as much as you can. Every time she suggests you come over, or you go do something, <i>do it</i>. Never pussy out. Seriously.

I like to think of it like this…Every thing you do with a woman gives you experience points with that woman. If you gain enough points, you level up. Level one, you can just hang out and be comfortable with each other. Two, you can fool around and flirt. 3, you guys can kiss…and it keeps going from there. But you need the required experience points with her to do the things that come with each level, and the only way to get those points is to hang out and do things together.

This can backfire though. If the events you guys do are too “girly” or “lame”, you’ll gain experience points that do not count toward levels, but count towards a different set of levels. This second set is “Baby Sister” level set. The more levels you gain here, the more she’ll think of you as her baby sister, and you’ll end up just doing girly stuff together, like shopping, talking about boys, and other things you probably don’t care about.

You’ll also have to factor in here her Friends, and EEO level sets. Friends Levels are what her friends think of you like. Say you take some time off from this girl, and go hang out with one of her friends. The collective “Friends” level set will level up, and her friends will like you more. Neglect this level set, and her friends will talk badly about you, and try to fix her up with other men.

The EEO level set is really only important to you, and MAYBE her, if your level with her is not high enough. EEO stands for “Everyone Else’s Opinion”. This stat is the hardest to level, as it is what people think of you both. You’ll need to do things in public with her to level this stat up. Things to boost this stat include, but are not limited to:
> Putting shit in her locker
> PDA’s (double edged sword, watch out, as this can lower your “Friends” stat)
> Giving her flowers in public

Also, there is a time limit. If one of your stats stays idle for too long, it will begin to decline. Say you have not talked to her friends for awhile, but were in good standing before. Since these friends have not heard from you, they will begin to think you are ignoring them. They will then begin to talk ill of you, and other things associated with a low friends level.

Last but not least, there is the hardest level set to control. The OMS stat. OMS is “Other Mans Standing.” This is the collective level of every other guy trying to get her. There is really no way to keep this stat low, unless you can keep all of your stats high enough that the girl won’t even be interested in other men.

So just chill with her as often as possible, and eventually she will want you in the way you want her.

Thinking of it like this has worked (and is still working) well for me. And my girlfriend is pretty damn awesome. :3

Wow Dev. I never saw it as a RPG-dating simulation game before!

And, about the OMS experience set, I don’t think many other people like her. I don’t mean to be mean, but, it’s wierd.

In my experience, this is a very bad sign. People who do shit like that can be emotionally manipulative and extremely self-centered. If they have no goals in life, they can also be thoughtless about doing shit to hurt the people closest to them, simply out of boredom. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just stating my observations based on the information you provided.

If you don’t care about that, that’s your call, of course. In that case, if you want to take that relationship up to the next level (meaning trysts in the back seat of your parents’ car), you should do things that associate you with “fun” in her mind. So, find out the kind of shit she thinks is really “fun” to do, and take her out to do it. One thing that almost always works is if there’s a band playing near you that you both like, you should buy tickets for the both of you, get her to go, and listen to your favourite bands together on the way there and back. If she comes up with any crazy-ass ideas for things to do (I’ve observed that chicks like that delight in thinking up weird shit that sounds “unique”), you should always encourage her, and take an active role in planning and doing it. The more outrageous this shit is, the better, because doing it means that you’re “outgoing,” that you’re not satisfied with the mundane. That’s very important.

Also, when she’s in a philosophical mood (like if she starts talking about her views on “advancing in life,” or she tells you about her conception of beauty or meaning or some shit like that), you should affect a cynical, jaded attitude, like you see through all of society’s bullshit and you couldn’t care less about its contemptible values. If you need any help coming up with shit to say in that regard, get a book by the Marquis de Sade and memorize a few lines from it. You should sound shocking and hip. Lastly, if you don’t play the guitar already, learn how. Nothing gets you laid like a fucking guitar.

That was awesome.

Then what do you want? Being her “friend”? Don’t, really, being the “friend” blows ass. It’s okay if you wanna take it slow, but have a long-term objective.

You have been playing to much sim date…kicks the crud out of my…wait you did not elaborate enough…ah whatever.I dont like anyone at the moment

Wait you are talking about this girl as if you were only doing it to get her and not because you liked her in more than just a sexually attracted way.says you’re not a good person and when you do find someone it will be pretty hard.you=bad person with a good plan

(you know what is weird? This was covered by my HMO)

SK’s got it. I knew a girl exactly like that, but she was obviously my FRIEND as I don’t date girls.

She made my life miserable, let’s say that.

Anyway, girls who slit their wrists and become vocal about it (especially saying retarded shit like that) are just looking for a sugar daddy to dry hump and steal away for excessive Magic The Gathering games, then chuck away. My boyfriend use to know this girl who thought that she was a vampire and she made ass hat comments like that as well. They are all the same- looking for attention, looking for someone to put up with that attention, in an attempt to make themselves feel better, for whatever reason.

Doing shit like that is bizarre, not unique.

When am I not in a sexual-oriented mood? :smiley:

What’s HMO? Do I want to know? And I do like her in more ways than sexual: hell, that didn’t even cross my mind.

HMO I just felt like quoting something off the teli.(dont ask me why im like that when I am online)

BTW I was talking about the Sim Date guy’s relationship in most of that post

Simple: figure it out yourself and don’t ask for help from strangers… its wierd :stuck_out_tongue:

Cro has good advice because he’s RPGC’s junior ladies man. He gives me tingles whenever we rendevous in chat. he’s not wrong.

This man is correct, listen to him

This thread makes me feel bad. I have no romantic relations. am sad

how u doin

Buy some romantic movies, like a Walk to Remember and Casablanca. The mere fact they are in your movie library will earn you some points, just make sure you watch them at least once in case she is actually interested in them. I have the Essential Manners for Men by Peter Post. Very useful.

Just like in RPGs, you want to do it on your own to get the most enjoyment, as a walkthrough takes most of the fun out. A little advice never hurts, though.

I won’t bother to rehash what SK said, because he’s obviously wielding a +2 Masterwork Keyboard of Eloquence. Sure, half his comment was overridingly cynical and relativist, but the opening observation was pinpoint-fucking-on.

Props to Dev for keeping the theme of the boards in his post.

That said, screw the universe and it’s laws, and strike #7.

Okay, don’t pull a TrkJac, say something else…damn.

That has yet to prove true for me.