I totaled my car


That’s what you get for rear ending a girl, and not in the good way, on the highway.

Aww, that sucks. You didn’t total yourself though, right?

No I’m fine. I was sore for a few days but it passed.

That’s good. Could’ve been a lot worse. But you’re ok at least.

So just curious, what happened exactly?

Who’s at fault? What happened?

It was my fault entirely, I wasn’t paying attention and when traffic slowed down I didn’t. I slammed on the breaks but it was too little too late and I rear ended a car going 30-40 miles an hour slower then I was.


Oh man. At least you’re alright :S.

There’s a time in every young man’s life when he has to realize Mad Max isn’t really like the real world.

You killed a helicopter with your car?

It’s good that you are okay. You’ve been to the doctors to double check, yes?
When my parents got into a wreck they thought that they were completely alright but it turned out the accident had put their spines out of whack.

I rammed my car into a pole when I was piss ass drunk and pissed off two years ago


I rammed my pole into your mom.

Better the car than the driver. Insurance covers it anyway, doesn’t it?

Originally Posted by Charlemagne
You killed a helicopter with your car?

I guess he was out of bullets.

Look on the bright side: your purchase of a new car will help revitalize the economy

Unless he’s smart enough to not buy an American car.

Yeah, buy Japanese. They’ve been going through what we’ve been going through for the last ten years. Plus you’ll help make someone’s quota and they can go home early to bang out a baby to help their population grow.

That sucks. :frowning: But better the car than your face man.