I Told You...

That I’d be back, and here I am. Slightly golden brown, with a couple burns, but otherwise, fine.

So what have I missed during the last two weeks?

PS, Eva, I couldn’t get you a Greek Island guy. Anyway none of the ones I met, would be to loyal, all of them ladies men.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Hi’, and steals all your memories from the trip.

Welcome back!

Dude, you’ve been in Greece? Got Photos?

Forget photos … got milk? [bada-bum-tsh]

Got seizure?

Greece is cool. Where did you go?

Nevermind, she’s still got me ^^.


The land of tomorrow…


Now where have I heard that before…?

Yeah I am content with mah Urkani. Kudos for trying though. I can imagine what they were saying to you as you tried to steal them away. Sounds like you got a lot sun and good weather and had a good time:yipee:

While you were gone Pepsi Cola made a move across the cola-wars to unleash it’s new whore-spawn.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
So what have I missed during the last two weeks?


stops and considers

Okay, okay, I won’t scare you off. I’ll go somewhere else.

Nothing, can scare be away fgrom my home away from homes.

Anyway, I went to Rhodes, which is just off the coast of Turkey, you could actually see on clear days.

They were actually in a heat wave, when I got there, so it was boiling, and exhausting, just do nothing!

And I do have photos, but none, that will make onto here.

Um… Nothing?


points above We got new fire-breathing men.

Where the hell did THEY come from?

Um… I think Cala ordered them to assimilate slaves who rebel.
[whispers] Cala’s making people slaves… watch out…

Don’t worry, I already saw one of here offers, in the newbie’s thread. And I’m planning on staying as far away as possible!

I can’t be associated with you if you are against it… runs away

I never said I was against, just as long as she doesn’t offer, me a slave position, I’ll be happy, to let it run its course.

Welcome back HS. :slight_smile: Glad you made it back safely.