I tink this is the best article i've ever read... roflmao

:hahaha; :mwahaha:

Just skimmed through the first page. These kids are like chibi techs.

EDIT: or chibi RPGC-ers. The next generation.

seen it in my lovely EGM.

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EDIT: or chibi RPGC-ers. The next generation.

I weep for RPGC…

A whole new wave of “My life sucks! I’m depressed!” by then, I’ll be old and grey at the grand age of 20 or something.

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I weep for RPGC…

Myself as well =0)

Damnit, now I feel old after reading that article =)

This just proves newer games are dumbed down. Those kids couldn’t get past level one on most of those.

EDIT: I can’t believe those kids called Peach a hooker ::dekar!::


Im about thier age and i love those older games

Don’t worry, in a couple of years kids will say the same about the kids they are playing. We will just have to live on knowing that the games we played were and are the best.

And kids are stupid, it is a mental limitation.

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I can’t believe those kids called Peach a hooker ::dekar!::

I didn’t see that, where was it?

:noway: that’s just… hideous… I can’t believe the pasting Tetris took, for crying out loud- probably the most played videogame of all time and “why aren’t things exploding”? I weep for every-bloody-one… :too bad;

Stupid little kids dont know the wonders of tetris i loved that game(but the NES version) and i think i remember playing donkey kong and i liked it,at least they made the kids play ET:mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

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at least they made the kids play ET:mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

That was just cruel and unusual punishment :hahaha;

They should have made them play some old text games.

“You are about to be eaten by a Grue”

I would have loved to hear thier reactions to a game with ::gasp:: no graphics!

Stupid kids. beats them within an inch of their life with a whiffle bat

I feel old. Im only 14! What is wrong with these kids?

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I feel old. Im only 14! What is wrong with these kids?

They, like most people nowadays, are all about the graphics. The people that like innovation more than shiny surfaces are in the minority and it makes me sad.

I’m barely older than they are! How the hell can they not know Tetris and Mario?

I feel so old. Like when they say stuff about it coming out when their parents were young. Man, I remember when many of those games came out and I’m not that old. Like Tetris took me awhile to like sicne I didn’t know what to do at first (I was like 5 or something I think), but after I learned, I loved it. Donkey Kong looked great to me. The graphics amazed me. So many similar feelings for the other games.

Yeah really. Tetris is universal, it’s…everywhere, in every sort of game.

Damn them young 'uns. In my day, we never had games so easy. Or, in my day, I was too young to notice how badly I sucked and found everything quite difficult. How dare they abuse this right thinking they’re some kinda…child prodigies. Damn them I say!