I thought this was funny, so I posted it

Here is another prime example of our current president’s stupidity…in a misspeech he delivered last month

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we,”

“They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”


Was it really a misspeech(coughbullshitcough) or did Bush mean what he said in the second line? Then he closes with this

“We must never stop thinking about how best to defend our country. We must always be forward-thinking,”

Can you really be forward thinking when you say stuff like the second line stated?

Uh, this is old. And already posted. Besides, we already knew Bush is stupid.

Nice Doonesbury strip… and whoever pointed out it was old, I knew that…if you took the time to read the part “last month” in my post. And even if we already knew Bush was stupid, it’s still funny. and I wasn’t aware that it was posted(considering that I am still at newbie status here at rpgc). still funny though.

My name is funny, I am not here…

I thought it was funny when you posted it, but not anymore.


Dammit, OFX! If you’re gonna point out that this thread sucks…BE ORIGINAL :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my GOD!!! That man saying that the thread sucks looks like a Mormish (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) guy I know! Even the Mormish folk don’t like the thread. Wow, that is a new low.

I also have something funny to post

What did Dela wear her new jersey what did Dela say I da ho.

If everyone thinks this thread sucks(which I think it suxors), why not make it fun instead of whining? Here, we’ll turn it into a random question thread. Or something…I wish that original ideas were easier to come across.

Ok, here’s a random question from the self-proclaimed “Master of the Left-Field Conversation”.

Why are pubic lice called “crabs”? (and it’s randomly become about crabs)

Actually, I have a serious question (OMG!!!)

Bush often stumbles over his words when he speaks. For this, people say “Look, Bush stumbled over his words! He’s stupid!!! Let’s laugh at him!”, as if that is a true indicator for intelligence (which is absolutely silly). If anybody here’s had a verbal conversation with me (which they haven’t, but I digress), they’d know that I stumble over my own words a lot too. I often can’t think of the right word to say, accidentally a replace a word with a word I didn’t mean (although I’m well aware of the meaning of both words), make Freudian slips, get tenses wrong (not that I’m bad at grammar, it’s just that sometimes I make mistakes when speaking, and when I’m speaking I cannot correct the error) say “um” a lot, stutter, etc. I fully understand what I’m trying to say, it’s just that sometimes it doesn’t come out right. Does that instantly make me a “stupid person”, or just not a good speaker?

Everybody is guilty of these mistakes (admittedly some more than others), it’s just that Bush is always in the public eye, so the media attacks him for it constantly. I’m sure we could compile a similar list of “stupid quotes” to any one of us if we were always on camera.

I guess everybody’s stupid, then.

(BTW, Delita, the term is Mormon, not Mormish)

You guys should get this tattooed on your eyelids.

I don’t think the fack that Bush stumbles over his words makes him stupid…I think his actions in the Middle East and what he has done to the economy makes him stupid. Him stumbling over his words in his case intensifies his stupid actions to an extent. But is John Kerry any better?..that is a question that needs answered as well. Let’s see, John Kerry is a flip-flop who constantly changes his ideals for whatever the moment suits…he didn’t want to vote on the $85 Billion for the effort to help Iraq after the war…then he did…and then Bush has no fucking clue how to spend the 85 billion dollars in the effort to make Iraq a better place. and those reasons are what makes the 2k4 election… The Evil of Two lessers(as well as both of these guys being total fucktards). The Bush-isms are used largely as a source of humour(though I’m American…I spell Humour with a u kind of like a British guy) and for some…propaganda as well…to me all politicians are liars and idiots(or at least a large percentage). If I could vote Anarchist, I probably would… oh well…that’s my rant…

It’s the lesser of two evils. The evil of two lessers makes no sense.
But since I don’t really care one way or another, I’d vote liberal, if only because I hate my conservative government.
And Hiryuu, I know what you mean, I’m always stumbling over my words.

Think about what it means before you say it makes no sense. What it means is that they are both evil and both lesser beings.

Two lesser beings makes sense…I guess.

This is why I don’t pay any attention to the political world; too much arguing. Politics and religion can exist all they want, but I’m going to live my life completely oblivious to them.

I think the part that makes this silly, is the fact that he is PRESIDENT for chirst’s sake. He is the person who represent’s our country. He is the man who is supposed to NOT fuck up his speeches. Perhaps he is a little smarter than we give him credit for, but the fact that he is president and cannot give speeches well is a big problem. We don’t really need a president who will make big changes, we just need one that wont make our contry look like a bunch of idiots. And while John Kerry has some ideas I dont agree with, I’d much rather have his image coupled with “America” than “Fuck-shits” Bush.