I think...

we have mice or something living in our wall by the computers. Because I keep hearing these wierd scratching noises and some wirds sqeaks and crap… And advice on waht to do other then blowing up my house and moving?

Hire a Dhamphir to steal their souls.

… Or set up some mousetraps. >.>

I prefer the classic method of getting a cat. Ever since we started getting cats back home, the mice stopped.

Don’t kill the poor mice, they haven’t done anything. Get some of those no-kill traps and set them up. Just don’t forget to check them.

You could get one of those high pitch sirens they sell at wal-mart. It makes a loud noise that you can’t hear but mice can and the mice really don’t like the noise so they usauly leave.

Just ignore it.

They don’t hurt anything.

Rodents can be a dangerous thing. You do not want to risk getting one that carries hantaviruses. Where do you live Alyx? You can recognize the fact you most likely have mice if you see little brown large-rice shaped droppings.

I tried… I tried to tell them, but… they wouldn’t listen to me… Damn them. Damn their eyes! They didn’t believe me. Strange creatures… the world in peril from unseen foes… The death! The DARKNESS! Instead they jeered and threw me into this forsaken place - a place of empty souls and fevered thoughts, reeking of foetor and decay, thinking me mad with delirium! The fools cast away their hopes of salvation, by locking me into this damned asylum!

May the rats eat your eyes! I am now lost to your cause… The Darkness comes! It will damn us all!

The Dean of Students at my old middle school did that this year. He caught the mouse, and he was all proud that he would be releasing it without killing anything. He let it go outside, and just 10 seconds later a bird swooped by and caught the mouse.

Its nice to see that the spirit of Irony is alive and well.

A guildmate of mine had been complaining of some weird noises from his computer, and a few days later he sent us a picture of a little family of mice in the back of his tower.

And then he DIED