I think we've all been fooled

I think SK is a crazy canadian from Saskatchewan and that’s why he’s so mysterious. Discuss.

It would explain as to why I’m still in Canuckdistan.

That bastard!


Aw, I’m sorry I stood you up last night, babe. I know I should have been sexing you wild instead of that other woman. But damn, girl, you know she don’t really mean a thing to me, girl. 'Cause you’re the one I really love (and also respect). Damn.

Man, SK is so sweet. I want a guy like him <3! Take him back, Sin!

Are you sure he’s not really one of those pretentious angsty bastards about whom he has created a frequently quoted rant for the poor sops not getting any?

SK is far too layed back and cool to have never gotten layed. Plus, even if he was, not a single man over 18 on this planet will EVER admit to being a virgin. EVER! I don’t care of they’re a priest, they will not say they’re a virgin.

That sounds like a cry for help, Xelo.

Not quite true, some use virginity as a technique to get girls. They could have been with many girls, but say that they’re a virgin in order to get girls to try and change that.

whats sasktehcweanw?

SK’s one sexy man.

If he is, that just makes me want him even more

I think Sinistral’s just trying to divert our eyes from his iron fistings he’s done on the main forum again to improve his public image, since one does not just do two closings in such a rapid pace without serious damage to his followers’ psyches.


Fuck bread! we’re out of snacker bread at KFC!

Anyways. Saskatchewan is boring. Atleast, that’s what I’m guessing. I might have to visit it one day to really find out, though.

…damn, that place actually exists.
<img src=“http://atlas.gc.ca/site/english/maps/environment/naturalhazards/tornado_saskatchewan.jpg”>

And that’s what the image search came up with. Tornado in saskatchewan.
I say iSK is a mad scientist who researches some random evil shit in his house, and some experiments fail now and then, and that’s why we have tornados.
Sorry for your house, SK. :frowning: I’m sure you’ll find a straw hut to live in some day.

Its the province with the same acronym as his name.

And it’s where vampirates want to go.

Look out SK Sinistral not himself! He is under Matis’s mind control!

:moogle: Would you like to save your game?

Damn straight. And if you reserve your hawt seXXor pics now, I’ll throw in a vacuum cleaner free of charge! It’s all for the server costs, people!