I think there is something wrong with me.

Remember that counsel thing from a while back? Well, now I can’t get them to shut up. I get wrapped up in arguments and conversations and all sorts of BS. That thing Willfredo mentioned in the thread I linked, that happens as well, except it is involuntary and it is always just me in different story lines (usually horrible things happening to loved ones[my dogs, the only things I truly love in this world]). I can’t get it to stop and it is keeping me from sleep. The only thing that helps is getting so fucking high that I can’t think at all. My question is how do I get help without freaking anyone out?

Just go to a doctor and let him decide if you need a psychological evaluation (your problems don’t necessarily have to be all in your mind, there can be physical causes.) He’ll then get you an appointment with the right people.

I can understand if you don’t want to freak out your friends and family, and certainly panicking is the least you need to do. Try to do it quietly, but on the other hand, your health comes before anything else, including the opinions of others. Most people end up having a crisis at some point of their lives (I did in college) so don’t feel like you’re weird because of it. Just be cool and do what the pros tell you to.

Good luck.

Hmm…here’s some advice.

Step 1: Grab a baseball bat. If you don’t have that, get something blunt. (Preferably metal/iron)
Step 2: Hit yourself in the head.
Step 3: Repeat until you can’t remember said BS.
Step 4: Success!!! (And hopefully no brain damage!)

But if self-mutilation isn’t your style, go put yourself in an institution and let 'em help ya. Or follow Wilfredo’s advice.

Go see a doctor.

Yeah, I had a friend who had about the same problem, and it was pretty damn bad. He dealt with it the best he could, but it was a real struggle for him. To my knowledge, I was one of the scant few he’d talk to about it, so I can understand why you wouldn’t want to tell anyone about it. But listen, you do need to find someone who will listen to you who can help you, who isn’t overcritical. Your best bet there would be to find a good doctor. Not a particularly fun thing to do, but if you don’t feel comfortable talking about the issue with any of your family members, I suggest going to a school counselor, or a counselor at a community center like Boys&Girls Club. You are, at the very least, capable of recognizing that you need to find help in the first place, so you’re competent enough to seek help on your own.

I will see everyone’s advice of seeing a doctor and raise it with a stop doing drugs. Especially if you aren’t being prescribed them for some other condition by a medical professional. You’re young so getting this under control now will be much more beneficial than waiting on it.

the fellowship… of the ring!

Go see two doctors.

It always helps to get a second opinion.

How about not asking these sorts of questions on an RPG forum but going to professionals instead? Generally a good idea.

Maybe you should try listening to the voices. If you can’t beat 'em, join em.

See a doctor, but not if it’s on the counsel.

I suggest putting oil in your ear to get the wax out, Setz.