I think someone just killed themself because of me

I’m over at my friend Evan’s house, and this girl starts talking to me over AIM. I tell her who I am and all of this stuff, and she’s all depressed and melodramatic and shit, and i’m like, “Hey, grow up.” I start talking to her, and she keeps going on and on and i’m just like telling her that as she grows up things’ll get better, and suddenly she gets all mad at me and signs off. Another notch in the CPU!

well it wasnt the first time somthing like this has happened because of you, and probably won’t be the last.

But seriously, I wouldn’t beat myself up. She probably didn’t kill herself, just wanted you to think she killed herself.

Sometimes when people are unstable they want people to think the worst of them. Gives them reassurance that someone’s out there looking out for them. Melodrama= immaturity (depending…) And if you were basically saying other stuff like how things will get better, that’s probably the answer she did not want to hear…an attention seeker she is perhaps?

From personal experiance, when someone’s depressed, upset, or angry, the last thing they want to hear is a nasty lecture telling them to “grow up.” It’s best to listen and understand what they’re going through (or try to) and let them blow off steam when they want or need to.
If they’re doing it for attention, it’s best to keep your distance, but keep an eye on them.

Yeh, you did the right thing Ath.

I agree with Steve. People that crave attention/reassurance that way REALLY bug me. I probably woulda done the same.

Guh, people that sigh for hugs really piss me off.

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