I think I need a mentor.....

Checkz the Gay marrage thread…

PLus Any thing that confict between Weiila and Myself thrown up.

I think I need a “mentor” of some type… whilst I’m online here.

Ok, I will have some restrictions.
*Only Long termers… (1Year here or more and have a signifcant amount of posts)
*Younger members, like Kirokokori, should not apply… expreience is required.
*being 18 is fine if I’m happy with you… but I’d suggest 21 as guide… for legal issues in your area… I may discuss things that a minor should not see.

***Must be able keep from Gossiping about the any problems… Asking someone else about the problem is fine, but try to advoid names… (I’m Basing this rule on my understanding Uk Youthworker Laws, with few modifications)

I feel that I should have this. I don’t waht another rerun of the episode… I posted a reply as soon as I could… I have had 1 near miss and full on one as well…

No, what you need is common sense.

Not that Im applying for this ; Im just curious as to why do you think it necessary to have an online mentor for posting? Sounds meaningless to me.

I think you need to take a time out from the internet and pay for professional help.